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04.09.2010, 13:12
I Created new layer, when i change the color it gives problem.Layer properties manager shows the existing color only, it is not accepting the new color.Regardsgurupaul

05.09.2010, 17:47
What version of Autocad are you using?
Does this happen in all drawings or just one?
Are you using any 3rd party add-on programs with Autocad?
Have you installed any new software that may be conflicting with Autocad?
You may need to run a Repair or Uninstall and Reinstall the program.

06.09.2010, 07:29
Haii I am Using AutoCAD 2007.This is happening in 2 or 3 drawings only.These are received from another offices.No, i did not using any other third party add on programs or other new software. ThanksRegardsgurupaul

06.09.2010, 16:01
If it's only happening in a couple of drawings, then it's a problem with the drawings, not Autocad.
You say these drawings came from other offices? What program was used to create them? Was it Autocad or someting else?
Try the PURGE and AUDIT commands to clean up the files and fix errors. If that doesn't help, can you upload one of these files here for us to take a look at?
 Cad642010-09-06 16:02:23

07.09.2010, 10:19
Haii Thanks..after the purge command, i am able to change the color of both existing layer & new layers.. I did not think to use purge & audit command.. Thanks again..Now Issue solved.Regardsgurupaul