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13.12.2012, 17:09
Hi all,I am experiencing some issues on Autocad. I been working on an assignment, and have two layouts for my drawings. First layout is elevation views and second layout is for details. On my details view I activate the view ports and add in dimensions, and same with my elevations views. However for some reason some of the dimensions I put in on the details views are now showing up on my elevation layout. The rest of the dimensions are fine and in their corresponding layouts. How can I fix this problem so I do not have other dimensions showing up on the wrong layout?

John Connor
13.12.2012, 18:05
You could do all your dimensioning in the layout instead of in model space.

13.12.2012, 20:29
I did do them in the layout!none of the dimensions were done on model space.. all dimensions were done in different view-ports

13.12.2012, 21:45
Try to show annotative objects only for the current scale.

John Connor
14.12.2012, 11:36
You might have been in a layout when you added your dimensions but it sounds to me as though you were adding them THROUGH a viewport which means your dimensions would be in model space.  How else would you explain that dimensions that you don't want to see are appearing in a different viewport?Are you utilizing annotative scaling?