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13.11.2009, 17:21
hi , can we wipeout with blocks cause we can wipeout with text and dimensions can we do this with blocks thx.

13.11.2009, 19:26
You know, there is no penalty for experimenting with AutoCAD :)
Yes you can use wipeouts in blocks.

14.11.2009, 14:59
ok , but how .? wipeout offer poly or frame but if u have a block like a bed for example you have to draw a poly all around

14.11.2009, 20:48
Yes it is not easy/fast to apply wipeouts after a block is inserted.Include the wipeout in the block definition (make sure the wipeout is behind the block linework). For a drawing "in progress" you could use "bedit" to edit the block definition to add the wipeout.