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CADforum gets about 500.000 unique visits monthly. CAD/BIM block library with more than 13.000 blocks. Autodesk 2017 products (builds). Tips for AutoCAD 2017, Revit 2017 and Inventor 2017.

HelpCAD Discussion Forum - 32,199 postings, 722,057 registered users

Discussion forum to Autodesk products - AutoCAD, LT, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Map, etc.
Can't create Polylines? Forum: AutoCAD 25.5.2017 18:01
UAV CHOICE? Forum: AutoCAD Civil 3D, Map 24.5.2017 18:48
Batch Plot - Publish Forum: CAD - general 24.5.2017 11:25
Change text lisp routine Forum: AutoCAD 23.5.2017 18:17
Printing Forum: AutoCAD 23.5.2017 16:37
Freeze/lock up using Ortho on/off Forum: AutoCAD 23.5.2017 15:55
dynamic blocks - view states Forum: AutoCAD 22.5.2017 15:28
Block Colors By Layer Forum: CAD - general 22.5.2017 6:31
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2,959 CAD Tips and Tricks - updated 24.5.2017 

Hundreds of tips and tricks for Autodesk and HP products
Replace block instances (incl. dynamic) with another block.
Should I use Win10 Game Mode for my AutoCAD, Inventor or Revit?
Where do I find a DWG file downloaded from AutoCAD mobile on Windows 10?
Differences in typed distance/offset values in Inventor sketches.
How to create automatic hole axes (centerlines) in Inventor?
Contour lines on a toposurface are displayed as too thick lines.
Error in pattern file. Missing parameter on line XXX.
Move the end-of-part (EOP) marker easily.
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New CAD Blocks

Klein-bottle-3D.dwg, 26.5.2017 19:01:38
Klein-bottle ...
Klein-bottle-figure-8.dwg, 26.5.2017 18:34:09
Klein-bottle ...
iphone5scase.f3d, 26.5.2017 13:59:04
iphone5scase ...
Volumen.ipt, 25.5.2017 18:16:51
Volumen - IPT
Hinge.ipt, 25.5.2017 15:03:28
Hinge1 - IPT
Hands_section_6.dwg, 23.5.2017 18:29:07
Hands ...
CoverFront.ipt, 20.5.2017 22:11:23
CoverFront - IPT
mask.f3d, 18.5.2017 11:34:57
Mask - F3D

Download CAD Files - 2,829 files - (9,887,304 downloads)

Hundreds of CAD files for download - utilities, patches, service packs and libraries
RIblock - replace selected instances of a block (or blocks) with another block, sync attributes, …
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2017.1 Update
AutoCAD for Mac 2017.1 Update
Autodesk License Service - 5.1.5 Hotfix 1 (subscription licensing 2018, 64-bit)
Autodesk 360 Desktop App (Win7/8/10) installer, V9.1.0 (32-bit, EN/DE/CZ...) - installs also with CAD
Autodesk 360 Desktop App (Win7/8/10) installer, V9.1.0 (64-bit, EN/DE/CZ...) - installs also with CAD
Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2018 (PDF příručka, anglicky)
Autodesk Fusion 360 R2 - cloud 2D/3D CAD/CAM/CAE, trial, Win64, EN/DE/CN/JP (V2.0.3034)
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