Block catalog help   

CAD blocks catalog serves for exchange of useful blocks (symbols, drawing parts), in the formats DWG (AutoCAD, ...), RFA (Revit) and IPT (Inventor). Blocks are divided into a tree structure of categories (professions). To download a block, click on its thumbnail image; to display details, click on its title. The Catalog application requires Javascript.

To search for a block use the search field - enter the searched substring (multiple words will be searched with the OR condition), or just expand the category tree structure. You can also use the Advanced search. Download the block by clicking on its preview (possible TXT attachment - e.g. type catalog - can be downloaded separately to the same folder). Clicking on the block title displays its block detail page - here you can use the i-Drop technology to mouse-drag the block directly to your CAD application.

To add a new block you have to be logged in the CADforum web (resp. in the discussion forum). In the form for new block data enter successively (numbers of filled-in sections turn green): the name and location of the block file on your disk (give descriptive names to your blocks, do not use advertisments or web links), the category for block placement (in the tree), short name of the block and its longer description (required fields). Keywords (tags) by the block description serve for better searching for that block - enter space delimited words that you would use to search for such block.
Leave the format option as "automat." - the application will detect it automatically (only with RFA and IPT files please select the software version). The attachment option allows to add a short TXT file to the block (e.g. a type catalog). For blocks containing 3D data, for dynamic blocks (special blocks supported in AutoCAD 2006 and higher) and for block libraries (drawings with multiple blocks) please tick the appropriate form options.
In the Manufacturer field please fill the company name of the producer of the product depicted in the block (not the 'manufacturer' of the block).

Press the OK button to start upload of the block file - please wait for the upload to finish - the result page with a block preview thumbnail will be displayed!

An attempt to upload and existing file (a block with an existing name) is identified already on filling in the upoad form (Ajax technology). Possible repeated upload of the same file by the same author will edit (update, overwrite) the existing block and its descriptions/record - check the "Overwrite" option.

Size of a block (a single file) is limited to 2MB. The web application automatically generates thumbnail views and detects the version of the file format (DWG2000, DWG2007, ...). Please do not upload full drawings, only single blocks which can be easily used in other drawings. Do not save DWG files containg a single block with the same name - use WBLOCK instead (especially for dynamic blocks). Check the proper placement of insertion points in DWG blocks (INSBASE) and use a standard scale. Save your files in a clear view to generate a clear thumbnail. You can place Inventor assemblies in a form of derived parts.

Publishing a block should not violate copyright of any third party. On uploading of your block you agree with publishing of the block on the CADforum web service and utilizing your block by visitors of CADforum in their designs.

Terms of use: content in this Catalog may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, distributed, or used for the creation of derivative works. Blocks may be commercially used only as a part of artwork or architectural or CAD project. Single reselling or redistributing of these blocks is prohibited.

Use the "Architecture > [-testing-]" category for test purposes.