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09.08.2007, 10:30
Hi there
Assistance would be gratefully appreciated!!
I'm working in AutoCAD2007 with a layout drawing for a construction site.  The drawing consists of a hierarchy of external reference files, and in total is around 35MB.
I have a problem that in some areas small circles as part of an external reference appear in the main drawing much larger than they should be, both on screen and when plotted.
I have previously googled and found this problem described elsewhere, but without a prescribed remedy!  The drawing is in milimetres scale for around 50Ha land, so it could be rounding errors for very large numbers describing circle parameters far offset from the origin.
I have tried to move the WCS in the main drawing (by selecting All and moving the would-be origin to 0,0), however the display order of the xrefs becomes jumbled and I admitted defeat at trying to resolve it.
Any advice would be gratefully received, as the problem makes the drawings look unprofessional!!
Marcus (Lamplighter)

Vladimir Michl
09.08.2007, 20:26
You should find the entity type of these circles (by opening the xref directly)  - they are probably POINTs or block INSERTs. Scaling or PDSIZE can be the problem.

10.08.2007, 02:35
try to purgue or use celtscale to redraw that circles or another key is try to turn off some layers... 

10.08.2007, 10:17
Vladimir, Papus

Thanks both very much for the replies.  The circles appear as different sizes every time I modify an xref (even by drawing then deleting a line), so for sure it is a calculation problem in AutoCAD.
I followed your suggestions.  The system variable PDSIZE I discovered to be set as -2.0 - I changed it to 0.0 and the problem still existed, however when I changed this to +2.0 the problem disappeared!! 
I'm not sure exactly why this is so, but I'm happy nevertheless!!
Many thanks again.