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20.03.2008, 15:44
I'm new to AutoCAD, i've only really picked up the basics and i only know what i need to know for the work i'm doing but i have recently come across a problem i can't solve. I am using AutoCAD LT 2007
I'm woking on a Block that was made by someone else (i don't know who), and until now it has been fine.  It gives a number of spaces for me to input data via the Edit Attributes menu (when i double click on the block) it has 10 rows of data each with 6 collumns for me to input data, but i need to add another row to this now.  I have opened the block to edit it, i copy and paste some of the data there alrerady to make the new row, i have changed the Tag, Prompt and Default for each, but when i save and close the block they are not visible in the display, i have also moved the attribute order so they follow on from the previous row.  Any help welcome, if i haven't described it well enough i will try and answer your questions as best i can.
Thanks.PX542008-03-20 16:09:57