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02.03.2016, 21:34
How can I make curved spring?I found step by step instructions for other programs, but none for autocad. I know autocad has HELIX comand but this only works for straight springs. Then I tried with SWEEP comand I use eliptic shape and twist option and then tried to substract this from 3d curved pipe, but what I got was two twisted coils. Please help!

John Connor
02.03.2016, 23:47
A curved spring?  Can you post an image of what you have in mind?  I'm sure there is a way to do it.

philippe JOSEPH
03.03.2016, 07:20

svizoman and John, eventually see this image and my file : 3D solids 01.dwg in the CAD/BIM library right here in the site :

John Connor
03.03.2016, 11:30
The word spring automatically brings to mind a helix but is that a "curved" spring?  Reread the OP's post as he even mentions the word helix then look at the next sentence.  He also mentions "curved pipe".  I imagine he is looking for a 90 degree curved spring or something similar.Something more like this.

John Connor2016-03-03 12:13:31

John Connor
03.03.2016, 12:43
Created this using a custom lisp routine.

John Connor
03.03.2016, 13:19
A telephone cord created with another custom lisp routine.This stuff is out there guys so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel put your efforts into a well defined search and most often than not your efforts will be rewarded.  Believe me, many of the questions we post here have been asked and answered it just that sometimes it isn't here at the CADforum but elsewhere.

philippe JOSEPH
04.03.2016, 10:32

Hello John, I'm trying to do my own one with the help of EXTRUDE along a 3D Polyline and its with facets.The 3D polyline is really difficult to draw as I can't see nothing in a jungle of points in the screen !

John Connor
04.03.2016, 11:41
That's why I went looking for help from a custom lisp routine.