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29.08.2015, 05:22
i have some problem....1. i can't use the "Box" when i set the length and width it will disappearor whet i type "box" and click the the second dot it will disappear too.... 2. sometime can't regionit will said "Open objects must be coplanar"i have no idea ....there is video[TUBE]HA5Z8Na0BVk[/TUBE]
Proladon2015-08-29 05:38:25

John Connor
29.08.2015, 14:03
Re: coplanar.  Means the lines must have the same elevation.Re: disappearing box.  Are you drawing it on a layer that has been turned off?

30.08.2015, 12:23
coplanar . i confirm lines r on the same elevation (in video u can seedisappearing box . nope,all my layer is turn on:(

John Connor
30.08.2015, 12:35
Well without a copy of the drawing it would be difficult to figure out what exactly is going on.  Upload a copy or make it available via Dropbox.  Someone here will take a look at it.Maybe some of the lines were drawn using a different UCS.
John Connor2015-08-30 12:35:53