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26.03.2014, 14:48

Hi, if anybody could help me with this I would be so grateful, I am pretty much a beginner when it comes to AutoCAD Architecture and know only the basics so would appreciate any help.  Its for my final major university project and I seem to be getting nowhere in receiving help from uni.I have recently drew up the plans of a building using AutoCAD Architecture 2013, they are contained in a Project which contains all the relevant components to make up the building and each separate drawing is saved as a construct, eg.Walls 01, Walls 02, Walls 03, Slab 01, Slab 02, Slab 03, Stairs 01, Stairs 02 etc.What I am now struggling with, is how to import my entire project to 3ds Max so I that I can begin to add things such as wall finishing, flooring, materials, furniture etc.I have had a play around with 3ds Max but I must be doing something wrong,I went to 'Import' and located my file however it only let me select one component of my drawing, for example 'Walls 01' so when I import it to 3ds Max, the ground floor walls are there but the floor slabs are missing. I think I probably have to 'link' my files together somehow, before I import them, so was wondering if anyone could give me any advice in doing this.  I've watched YouTube videos and I'm okay with the actual importing part, its the linking my floors and walls together first that I am struggling with.Thanks! :)