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20.07.2017, 08:26

Hi. can someone help me to find this toolbar ( I'm not sure what it is called ) ? I just accidentally deleted it and also forgot how to bring it back .  ...I don't know whose this UI belong to but glad that I found it to be my reference :(

John Connor
20.07.2017, 11:47
Well if you are asking about the toolbar where the word ByLayer appears four times that would be the Properties toolbar.How to get it to appear?  Well one option would be to use your keyboard since I have now provided you with the name.Type....-toolbar then press then press Enter.Accept the default < Show > by pressing Enter.The toolbar should appear on your screen.  Move it to wherever you like.Looking for more toolbars?  Right click on the very end of the Properties toolbar and a fly-out menu with all available toolbars listed should appear.  Select the one you want next.  Repeat as necessary.I don't have 2010 loaded so I am basically doing this from memory.  I'm sure there is at least one other option to access toolbars in 2010 but it escapes me at the moment.  I'm sure someone else here will come up with it.
John Connor2017-07-20 11:53:13

philippe JOSEPH
21.07.2017, 08:20

Hello popopo90 and John,
you can also do it directly on the right top of your screen :Please tell us if this helped or not.