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12.12.2012, 19:39
The problem is in the setting of units and layout view.My units are in mm. I have made a template specific for my use with layout view set to A1 size paper.  The model view is in scale of 1:1.  When I draw a rectangle of 830 X 560, it appears small in A1 size paper when my scale is set to 1:100.  I have to scale rectangle in model view 100 times to see it in A1 sheet. What is my mistake? How do you set a template in mm?junaidbinnaseer2012-12-12 19:43:23

13.12.2012, 03:43
What you need to do in the layout view is create a Viewport.  When you first do this it will include the entire model as if you had zoomed extents.  At this point you can select the viewport boundary to activate it and change its scale so that you can only see the part of the model you want.   Another way to do this is to double click inside the viewport, zoom to the area you want, and then exit.  *Then* check the viewport scale (it will probably be some 'custom' value) and using a little math change it to something even (1:20, 1:100, 1:1000, etc).
Once you have a viewport oriented and scaled the way you like it, LOCK it using the little yellow padlock.  This will allow you to re-enter the model thru the viewport and make changes, but will not move things around or mess up the scale you've set for it.
Dave.heinsite2012-12-13 03:45:53

13.12.2012, 15:35
junaidbinnaseer,check your plot scale in the page setup manager, make sure its MM not M, quick way to check your drawing is to open a DWT from Cad default Template, file/new/Tutorial-mArch.dwt. the units are set to MM, then insert your title block in paperspace.