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De sjaal
22.03.2014, 13:13
I like to know what other Forum members think about the option to put dimensions in the model or paperspace. I myself am used to ad the dimensions in the paperspace. But i see other companies work with the dimensions in the model space. What is your experience?

22.03.2014, 14:46
I suppose much of it is a matter of preference, in that we all do not do the same type of work, different methods may be required for different situations.Are you doing 2D architectural or 3D mech?Personally, always model space dimensioning.Preferably with annotative scaling (once you get the hang of it), convenient if you need to xref the drawing.

John Connor
22.03.2014, 16:33
We prefer to have dimensions and text in our layout and not in model space.  If you do it this way just make sure your dimensions are set to be associative which is not the same as annotative.  Both methods have their own pluses and minuses.  My suggest would be to test both and choose the one that works best for you and your company.

25.03.2014, 15:28
We do mechanical drawing for several companies, some like to have it done in paper and some in model. I finding that more are going to model  except when an boarder / title-block are needed or a large number of interchangeable parts are need in assembles (just one on this). That being said we do mostly model space and allow the companies add the preferences they like.