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14.09.2010, 12:59
I have a question about data extraction in AutoCAD Architectural 2009.I have an original drawing of a floorplan of a building. On this drawing I draw polylines with hatches above the original drawing to calculate areas and lengths of the walls.With data extraction (table) I can get all the values of the polylines and hatches (Length and Area) but is there a possibility to give each line of the table automatically a seperate number and put these numbers also at the polyline or in the hatch so I can see where which value is located when I plot these drawings.

24.09.2010, 20:01
If you use a different hatch for each location you could extract using the pattern name and geometry for your info.  If you need to use the same hatch in multiple areas then add a different color to the hatch so you can break up the areas.  Hope this helps.