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27.06.2011, 15:36
hi again!
I have an xref with 300 blocks in it... 200 are blocks named "KS 1_3" and 100 are named "KS_1_2"
these two block types are regular blocks (two rectangles, one inside the other, and two polylines making a cross through it, to represent a Cable box), with the only difference being the size of the blocks themselves (the KS 1_3 block is a bit bigger/is a larger
i have created two dynamic blocks which i want to REPLACE these 300 blocks with. The dblocks i have created have annotatable text (box reference number) and the box itself can be independently rotated so the text is always upright.
I know how to replace blocks for blocks but I need to be able to replace blocks for DYNAMIC BLOCKS and have their names updated at the same time.
(the only method i know for block replacement is explained here: and as you can see, the block name doesnt change, nor does it work for dynamic blocks)
any insight for a struggling engineer?