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04.03.2010, 17:24
I am using AutoCAD 2004.  When I attempt to plot two of my drawings, a large portion of the entities do not appear in the preview and they do not plot.  When I write of missing entities, I refer only to the plotting process.  The entities are there in model space and on the paper space layout.
The first drawing is a plan of a manufacturing facility showing the building and the equipment.  It is large.  Its current size is 31.2 MB.  It has over 1,000 layers (for which my predecessor is to blame).  The second drawing shows data access points in the plant as an overlay on an external reference of the first drawing.  This file is a "tiny" 1.1 MB.  File size, alone, would not seem to be the problem.
This problem is new.  Before two weeks ago, the drawings plotted normally.  I am unaware of any changes having been made.
The missing entities are on layers that are set to plot.
The problem seems to be independent of the destination.  The same entities are missing from the preview if I plot to an elderly HP DesignJet 430, a shiny, new HP ColorJet "all-in-one" machine, or either of two PDF makers (Adobe and Cute PDF).
Freezing some of the entities that do appear did not result in any of the "missing" entities appearing in the print preview.
I'm hoping that I'm not the first one on the planet to have this problem!
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