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Keyboard shortcuts in Autodesk Fusion 360.

A - answer The 3D CAD/CAM modeler Fusion 360 for Windows and MacOS contains many predefined keyboard shortcuts (shortcuts, hotkeys) and mouse/touchpad click combinations. Plus it supports 3D controllers (mice) by 3dconnexion.

You can preset the shortcuts to fixed templates - as in: Fusion, Alias, Inventor, SolidWorks.

Predefined keyboard and mouse shortcuts in Fusion360:

Refresh data panelF5F5
Display 4 viewportsShift+1Shift+1
Full-screen modeCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Show/hide ViewCubeCtrl+Alt+VCtrl+Command+V
Show/hide browserCtrl+Alt+BCtrl+Command+B
Show/hide activityCtrl+Alt+ACtrl+Command+A
Show/hide text commandsCtrl+Alt+CCtrl+Command+C
Show/hide toolbarCtrl+Alt+WCtrl+Command+W
Show/hide navigation barCtrl+Alt+NCtrl+Command+N
Show/hide data panelCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Command+P
Reset to default layoutCtrl+Alt+RCtrl+Command+R
Switching workspacesCtrl+[ and Ctrl+]Ctrl+Command+[ and ]
Model workspace
Compute AllCtrl+BCommand+B
As-built JointShift+JShift+J
2-point RectangleRR
Center Diameter CircleCC
Sketch DimensionDD
Scripts and Add-InsShift+SShift+S
Window Selection11
Freeform Selection22
Paint Selection33
Sculpt workplace (edit form):
Add geometryAlt+dragAlt+drag
Add geometry and keep creasesCtrl+Alt+dragCtrl+Alt+drag
Grow selectionShift+UpArrowShift+UpArrow
Shrink selectionShift+DownArrowShift+DownArrow
Loop selectionAlt+PCtrl+P
Loop grow selectionAlt+OCtrl+O
Loop shrink selection Alt+ICtrl+I
Ring selectionAlt+LCtrl+L
Ring grow selectionAlt+KCtrl+K
Ring shrink selectionAlt+JCtrl+J
Range selectionAlt+MCommand+M
Invert selectionAlt+NCommand+N
Selection filter VertexAlt+ACommand+A
Selection filter EdgeAlt+SCommand+S
Selection filter FaceAlt+DCommand+D
Selection filter BodyAlt+GCommand+G
Previous UAlt+LeftArrowCtrl+Command+LeftArrow
Next UAlt+RightArrowCtrl+Command+RightArrow
Previous VAlt+DownArrowCtrl+Command+DownArrow
Next VAlt+UpArrowCtrl+Command+UpArrow
Transformation mode MultiAlt+QCommand+Q
Transformation mode TranslationAlt+WCommand+W
Transformation mode RotationAlt+ECommand+E
Transformation mode ScaleAlt+RCommand+R
Coordinate space WorldAlt+ZCommand+Z
Coordinate space ViewAlt+XCommand+X
Coordinate space LocalAlt+CCommand+C
Box modeCtrl+1Ctrl+1
Control frame modeCtrl+2Ctrl+2
Smooth modeCtrl+3Ctrl+3
Select edge ringdouble-click an edgedouble-click an edge
Select face ringselect two faces and double-click a thirdselect two faces and double-click a third
CAM workspace:
All CAM toolsCtrl+ACommand+A
Import tool libraryCtrl+ICommand+I
Export tool libraryCtrl+ECommand+E
Duplicate toolCtrl+DCommand+D
Delete toolDelDel
Renumber toolsCtrl+RCommand+R
Generate toolpathsCtrl+GCommand+G
Tool editAlt+EnterAlt+Enter
Panpress middle buttonpress middle button
two-finger drag
Zoomroll wheelroll wheel
OrbitShift + press middle buttonShift + press middle button
Shift + two-finger drag
Orbit around pointShift + click then press middle buttonShift + click then press middle button
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