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Ads portal is a web service by CAD Studio Inc. (Autodesk Platinum Partner based in the Czech Republic) featuring thousands of free CAD tips, utilities, 2D/3D blocks, videos, glossaries and discussions.
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DwgTextTranslator translates a series of drawings from one language to another using MS Access.
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Increase your productivity with our set of BIM add-on functions for Autodesk Revit
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CAD Tips, Tricks, Discussion and Blocks

CADforum gets about 500.000 unique visits monthly. New AutoCAD 2021 commands and variables. New Map coords converter. CAD/BIM block library with more than 40.000 blocks.

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Discussion forum to Autodesk products - AutoCAD, LT, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Map, etc.
Looking for Autodesk Vehicle tracking 2016 Forum: AutoCAD yesterday 9:16
dynamic block Forum: AutoCAD 18.1.2021 3:53
Revit Exporting to Autocad Changes the Justificat Forum: Revit 17.1.2021 14:42
?prava roletov?ho menu Forum: AutoCAD 17.1.2021 10:08
Editing 3D solid difficulties Forum: AutoCAD 14.1.2021 19:43
Revit Professional Exam Questions Forum: Revit 3.1.2021 17:12
Poly line seeep prob Forum: AutoCAD 2.1.2021 13:59
special dimensions Forum: AutoCAD 28.12.2020 1:31
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3,265 CAD Tips and Tricks - updated 15.1.2021 

Hundreds of tips and tricks for Autodesk and HP products
How to make transparent mask for raster maps in Autodesk Infraworks?
How to import maps from a WMTS source into Civil or Map 3D?
RenameCSV - rename layers, blocks, layouts, views, linetypes using Excel …
How to suppress snapping when inserting symbols and families in Revit?
RAL color library (palette) for Fusion 360 (plus BS, AS, NCS).
Converting pseudo-tables consisting of lines and texts to TABLE objects in …
How to quickly delete 3rd party links to external objects in Inventor?
Do you know since when you are using Fusion 360?
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New CAD Blocks

Selection_belt_20.dwg, 15.1.2021 15:33:24
Selection ...
YARMA_REDÜKTÖR_SACI_-_15022021_R2_CS.dwg, 15.1.2021 8:46:24
marble ...
100t_demag.dwg, 14.1.2021 16:17:43
demag ac100 ...
EDITING_3D_SOLID.dwg, 13.1.2021 10:54:43
BMW_X7_2019_2D.dwg, 12.1.2021 23:20:54
BMW X7 2019 ...
BMW-X7.DWG, 12.1.2021 23:19:10
APEM_Series_5000_Toggle_Switch_5649agbx408_.f3d, 10.1.2021 11:35:12
APEM Series ...
HoneyWell_V15T16_v8.f3d, 10.1.2021 11:33:44
HoneyWell ...

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Hundreds of CAD files for download - utilities, patches, service packs and libraries
Česká lokalizace pro Autodesk Fusion 360 R2 (Win64)
RALcolours - RAL+BS+AS+NCS+AMS+DIN color library (appearances) for Autodesk Fusion 360 (by S.Hocking)
Autodesk License Service - (subscription and maint. licensing 2020/2021, hybrid …
Inventor CAM 2021.3 Update, build 8.3.0 (for CAM Ultimate, Premium, Express)
CADstudio Revit Tools 2021/2020/2019 (trial/update) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Autodesk Revit, vč. …
IFC for Revit 2021 (V21.2) - updated IFC import/export module (free)
RenameCSV - rename layouts, blocks, layers, linetypes, styles, groups, etc. using Excel/CSV table …
RRename - rename layouts, blocks, layers, linetypes, styles, groups, etc. using regular expressions …
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