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CADforum gets about 500.000 unique visits monthly. New AutoCAD 2019 commands and variables. New Map coords converter. CAD/BIM block library with more than 39.000 blocks. Autodesk 2019 products (builds).

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Discussion forum to Autodesk products - AutoCAD, LT, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Map, etc.
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3,087 CAD Tips and Tricks - updated 10.10.2018 

Hundreds of tips and tricks for Autodesk and HP products
How to print 3D characters designed in Autodesk Character Generator?
How to create a custom iProperty or Parameter with iLogic?
What does the padlock icon mean on the DWG tab in AutoCAD?
How to transfer an AutoCAD hatch pattern to Revit?
How to trim 3D solids with other 3D solid (3D trim).
How to calculate a cube root in Inventor parameters?
Arithmetic expressions with measured distances in AutoCAD.
Double object snap (osnap) - how to align a line between two lines? …
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New CAD Blocks

Makeup_Mirror.dwg, 16.10.2018 10:05:39
Makeup ...
Matice_nytovaci_zapustna_M8.ipt, 16.10.2018 9:18:14
Matice ...
Recess-mount_thermostat.dwg, 16.10.2018 8:27:53
Recess-mount ...
Modeling_a_Twisted_Ribbon-01.dwg, 16.10.2018 7:38:25
Modeling a ...
Bear-OL.dwg, 15.10.2018 18:14:33
Bear-OL - DWG
Prancing_Horse.dwg, 15.10.2018 18:13:14
Prancing_Hor ...
Tek_Screws_All.dwg, 15.10.2018 18:09:10
Tek Screws ...
Cipher_Lock_Views_R1.dwg, 15.10.2018 18:07:03
Cipher Lock ...

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Hundreds of CAD files for download - utilities, patches, service packs and libraries
Autodesk Fusion 360 R2 - cloud 2D/3D CAD/CAM/CAE, trial, Win64, EN/DE/CN/JP (V2.0.4801)
Autodesk Nesting Utility 2019.2 subscription release
GeoCode - free forward and reverse geocoding for AutoCAD 2014-2019 maps - point to postal address, …
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2017.3 Update (Mojave)
AutoCAD for Mac 2017.3 Update (Mojave)
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2018.2 Update (Mojave)
AutoCAD for Mac 2018.2 Update (Mojave)
TRIAL - AutoCAD LT 2018.2 for Mac, EN, MacOS X (incl.Mojave)
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