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CAD formats CAD formats


CAD file formats and converters


Formats An overview of CAD formats supported in current versions of main Autodesk products, their conversion options, import, export. Which product can I use to convert format X to format Y?

Click a format or application name to display more information.

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123D .123d;.123dx Autodesk 123D apps format Autodesk
12D .12da 12D Ascii Civil View format Autodesk
3DS .3ds 3D Studio scene Autodesk
3MF .3mf XML-based new 3D printing format 3MF
3PS .3ps Print Studio file Autodesk
A3S .a3s Autodek 3D scene (Showcase) Autodesk
ACIS .sat ACIS file (ShapeManager)
ADSK .adsk Autodesk compound exchange format Autodesk
Alembic .abc Alembic format Sony
ALG .alg Bentley InRoads alignment file Bentley
AMF .amf Additive Manufacturing File, XML (ASTM F2915 standard) ASTM
APF .apf Autodesk Packet file Autodesk
ASE .ase Autodesk ASCII Scene Export Autodesk
ASM .smt Autodesk Shape Manager text file format Autodesk
AXM .axm FormIt 360 format Autodesk
C4D .c4d Cinema 4D scene Maxon
C4X .c4x CADDS 4 Double Precision
CAM .cam360 Toolpath archive file Autodesk
CatiaV4 .model;.session CATIA V4 model IBM
CatiaV5 .CATPart;.CATProduct CATIA V5 part file IBM
CityGML .xml CityGML urban objects XML OGC
CSB .csb Cosmo3D binary, CSB geometry SGI
DAE .dae Autodesk Collada model Khronos Group
DDX .ddx; .ddz Autodesk Manufacturing Utlity Autodesk
DGK .dgk Autodesk geometry (CAM) Autodesk
DGN .dgn Bentley Microstation design file Bentley
DMT .dmt Autodesk Machining Triangles (CAM) Autodesk
DTM .dtm Bentley InRoads terrain model Bentley
DWF .dwf;.dwfx Design web publishing format (2D/3D) Autodesk
DWG .dwg AutoCAD drawing Autodesk
DXF .dxf AutoCAD drawing interchange format Autodesk
F3D .f3d Fusion 360 archive file Autodesk
F3Z .f3z Fusion 360 distributed design file Autodesk
FBX .fbx Multimedia content exchange file (Kaydara) Autodesk
FIL .fil MX Civil format
gbXML .xml Green Building Studio XML - energy analysis of building models Autodesk
GeoJSON .geojson GeoJSON - geographic JSON XML file - simple geo features
glTF .glb; .gltf glTF 2.0 (GL Transmission Format) Khronos Group
GPK .gpk Bentley GEOPAK file Bentley
Granite .g Pro/ENGINEER Granite model PTC
IAM .iam Inventor assembly Autodesk
IDW .idw Inventor drawing Autodesk
IFC .ifc Industry Foundation Classes exchange format AIA/buildingSMART
IGA .iga IsoGeometric Analysis file
IGES .igs;.iges IGES exchange format (International Graphics Exchange Specification) ANSI
IMX .imx IMX infastructure modeler format Autodesk
IPT .ipt Inventor part Autodesk
IV .iv Open Inventor file (Iris) SGI
JT .jt JT visualization format Siemens
KML .kml;.kmz Google Earth KML model (Keyhole Markup Language; WGS84+EGM96) Google
LandXML .xml LandXML - land and civil projects XML format
MA .ma Maya ASCII Autodesk
MAX .max 3ds Max scene Autodesk
MB .mb Maya binary Autodesk
MFR .mfr Simulation Moldflow file Autodesk
MIX .mix Meshmixer file Autodesk
Navisworks .nwd;.nwf;.nwc Navisworks model Autodesk
NX/UG .prt Siemens NX part (UGS, Unigraphics) Siemens
OBJ .obj Wavefront OBJ format Wavefront
OSB .osb OpenSG binary geometry OpenSG
Parasolid .x_t;.x_b Parasolid model Siemens
PDF-2D .pdf;.ai PDF document (Adobe Acrobat); import Illustrator Adobe
PDF-3D .pdf PDF 3D model (Adobe Acrobat) Adobe
PLY .ply Polygon file format (Stanford triangle format) Stanford Lab
Pro/E+Creo .prt;.asm Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric part and assembly PTC
QSM .qsm QuadriSpace model QuadriSpace
RCM .rcm Reality Capture Mesh (internal ReCap format) Autodesk
RFA .rfa Revit family Autodesk
Rhino .3dm Rhino model Robert McNeel
RVT .rvt Revit project Autodesk
SDF .sdf Spatial Data Format - spatial GIS data Autodesk
Shoe .shoe ShoeMaker model Autodesk
SHP .shp ESRI shape file ESRI
SIM .sim; .sim360 Sim 360 simulation file Autodesk
SKP .skp SketchUp model Trimble
SMesh .smesh SMesh format for finite element solver TetGen TetGen
SMT .smt Shape Manager text file Autodesk
Solid Edge .par Solid Edge model Siemens
SolidWorks .sldprt;.sldasm;.prt;.asm SolidWorks model Dassault
SpaceClaim .scdoc SpaceClaim document SpaceClaim
STEP .stp;.step STEP exchange format (STandard for Exchange of Product model data) ISO10303
STL .stl;.stla;.stlb Standard Tesselation Language, stereolithography (3D print format)
SVG .svg Scalable Vector Graphics (XML vector graphics for HTML)
Thing .thing 3D print format (Thingverse)
TIN .tin Bentley GEOPAK surface file Bentley
Top .top; .cam TopSolid model TopSolid
TSM/TSS .tsm; .tss T-Splines native format Autodesk
U3D .u3d Universal 3D Sample Software 3D Industry Forum
USD .usd;.usdz Universal Scene Description (3D, AR, VR) Pixar
VDA-FS .vda VDA-FS (German) VDA
VRML .wrl;.wrz Virtual reality markup language
VTFX .vtfx Simulation CFD file Autodesk
VUE .vue SmartPlant 3D file Intergraph
Wire .wire Alias wire format Autodesk
XGL .xgl;.zgl XGL/ZGL publish file MegaBitz

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The listed 3D CAD formats may be available in multiple versions and variants, please check their compatibility in the documentation of the respective CAD application. Free and Trial versions of the listed applications can be downloaded from the Download section.

Please contact your Autodesk reseller for detailed technical support to CAD formats.