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Products Autodesk products - 3ds Max

Products overview, product codes, service packs - 3ds Max

An overview with current versions of Autodesk software products, their signatures, product codes for installation, Windows Registry key placements, feature codes for Autodesk FLEXnet license server, plus an overview of current service packs for a given CAD application, including their build numbers (see _VERNUM or "About" dialogs).

AutoCAD Inventor Revit Civil3D Max
Product: Version: Code/key/SP:
Product - verRel.FormatProd.keyNLM FeatureCodeMore
3ds Max
3ds Max 2020
3ds Max 2020
22.0 2020 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\22.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
3ds Max 2019
3ds Max 2019
21.0 2019 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\21.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
3ds Max 2018
3ds Max 2018
20.0 2018 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\20.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
3ds Max 2017
3ds Max 2017
19.0 2017 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\19.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
»SP119. »
»SP219.2.472.026.7.2016more »
»SP319.3.533.07.10.2016more »
3ds Max 2016
3ds Max 2016
18.0 2016 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\18.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
»SP118.3.490.011.8.2015more »
»SP218.6.667.02.12.2015more »
»SP318.7.696.07.3.2016more »
»SP418.8.739.024.10.2016more »
3ds Max 2015
3ds Max 2015
17.0 2015 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\17.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
»SP117. »
3ds Max 2014
3ds Max 2014
16.0 2014 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\16.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
»SP128.6.2013more »
»SP21.8.2013more »
»SP326.9.2013more »
»SP516.3.2014more »
3ds Max 2013
3ds Max 2013
15.0 2013 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\15.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
3ds Max 2012
3ds Max 2012
14.0 2012 reg: Autodesk\3dsMax\14.0 see (CZ):
3ds Max
Service Packs Download
»SP116.6.2011more »
»SP223.9.2011more »

AutoCAD: get the VERNUM value by typing the _VERNUM command. Inventor: ProductVersion is a key in the given Registry branch (HKLM). Revit/Inventor: build number is displayed in the "About" dialog. "SP0" is the original version without any service pack (FCS). The reg value is a sub-path in the Registry (HKLM/Software/ or HKCU/Software/).

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