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Commands AutoCAD command FREEWEB

Complete list of all AutoCAD commands CZ/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/PL/RU/HU/JP

The FREEWEB command in the main language versions of AutoCAD:

Hist In AutoCAD since version 2008
Info Command category: drawing
Help Help (2020): FREEWEB
Command not available in AutoCAD LT

FREEWEB command description:
Creates a free web light with no target

You can run the FREEWEB command in any localized version of AutoCAD by typing _FREEWEB in the commandline.
Search FREEWEB on the Internet

English FREEWEB command

Czech VOLNÁSÍŤ příkaz

German FREINETZ Befehl

French LUMTOILELIBRE commande

Spanish REDLIBRE comando

Italian RETELIBERA comando

Portuguese REDELIVRE comando

Polish WOLNESIATKI polecenie

Russian СВОБСЕТСВЕТ команда

Hungarian SZABADHÁLÓ utasítás

Japanese フリー配光光源 のコマンド

English, Česky, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Polski, По-русскы, Magyar, 日本の
FREEWEB command prompts and options:
Enter an option to change [Name/Intensity factor/Status/Photometry/weB/shadoW/filterColor/eXit] <eXit>:
Option list:
Name • Intensity factor • Status • Photometry • weB • shadoW • filterColor • eXit • oN • oFf • Intensity • Color • Flux • Illuminance • Distance • ? • Kelvin • D65 • File • X • Y • Z • Exit • Off • Sharp • soFtmapped • softsAmpled • Shape • sAmples • Visible • Linear • Disk • Rect • Sphere • Cylinder • Yes • No • Index color • Hsl • colorBook •
option database by Michal Miclík, UPCE

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