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Generate hatch patterns automatically from your DWG drawings with
HGEN 2006 More info
DwgTextTranslator translates a series of drawings from one language to another using MS Access.
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Discussion forum to Autodesk products - AutoCAD, LT, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Map, etc.
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3,527 CAD Tips and Tricks - updated 29.2.2024 

Hundreds of tips and tricks for Autodesk CAD, CAM, BIM and PDM products
List of disks, CD-ROM drives, USBs and other disk functions for LISP.
In my AutoCAD script file (.SCR) I cannot enter a name containing a space.
Displaying the dimensions of equal repeated segments in Revit (EQ).
How to display the total volume or surface of 3D solids in DWG?
Clipping blocks, images, curves, xrefs - everything, into any shape
3D heart from the heart.
Comparing design versions in Autodesk Fusion.
Voronoi diagrams in AutoCAD.
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New CAD Blocks

Piscina_Bestway_610_366.rfa, 29.02.2024 21:13:12
Piscina_Best ...
Ikea_Hemnes_Cabinet_.rfa, 29.02.2024 21:06:24
Ikea_Hemnes_ ...
ZZAW_B5.f3d, 26.02.2024 20:11:27
Molex39301040_v1.f3d, 26.02.2024 20:09:40
Molex3930104 ...
Molex39301060_v1.f3d, 26.02.2024 20:08:42
Molex3930106 ...
8.0@6.0_INCH_I.D._CONCENTRIC_REDUCER_14_GAU.f3d, 25.02.2024 16:01:29
8.0@6.0 INCH ...
8.0@5.0_INCH_I.D._CONCENTRIC_REDUCER_14_GAU.f3d, 25.02.2024 16:01:09
8.0@5.0 INCH ...
8.0@4.0_INCH_I.D._CONCENTRIC_REDUCER_14_GAU.f3d, 25.02.2024 16:00:50
8.0@4.0 INCH ...

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Hundreds of CAD files for download - utilities, patches, service packs and libraries
Autodesk Licensing Service - (subscription licensing 2020/2021/2022/2023/2024, hybrid …
CDROMs - set of Wbem disk tools for AutoLISP
Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator 1.3 for Civil 3D 2021-2024 (CEDT; Civil Bentley GEOPAK, …
Sel3Dsol - select/filter 3D solids by their height, volume, surface area or slenderness (VLX LISP for …
SolSimilar - select all geometrically similar 3D Solids or Regions in a DWG (VLX LISP for AutoCAD)
3Dprops - list volumes, surfaces, heights, bboxes of 3D solids (VLX for AutoCAD)
Job-Time - time-tracking reactor - net editing time spent on DWG drawings (edittime) - VLX for AutoCAD
Autodesk Fusion R2 (MacOS, incl. Ventura, Apple Silicon) - cloud 2D/3D CAD/CAM/CAE, trial, free for …
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