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CAD Tips, Tricks, Discussion and Blocks

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Discussion forum to Autodesk products - AutoCAD, LT, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Map, etc.
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3,525 CAD Tips and Tricks - updated 23.2.2024 

Hundreds of tips and tricks for Autodesk CAD, CAM, BIM and PDM products
Displaying the dimensions of equal repeated segments in Revit (EQ).
How to display the total volume or surface of 3D solids in DWG?
Clipping blocks, images, curves, xrefs - everything, into any shape
3D heart from the heart.
Comparing design versions in Autodesk Fusion.
Voronoi diagrams in AutoCAD.
Workaround for the missing (vlax-create-object) in AutoCAD LT (voice, …
Universal MsgBox in AutoLISP.
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New CAD Blocks

16.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:42:39
16.0 INCH ...
14.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:42:15
14.0 INCH ...
12.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:41:52
12.0 INCH ...
10.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:41:30
10.0 INCH ...
8.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:41:04
8.0 INCH ...
6.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:40:39
6.0 INCH ...
5.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:40:18
5.0 INCH ...
4.0_INCH_I.D._PRESSED_COLLAR_A774.f3d, 23.02.2024 15:39:51
4.0 INCH ...

Download CAD Files - 3,823 files - (13,069,251 downloads)

Hundreds of CAD files for download - utilities, patches, service packs and libraries
Autodesk Fusion R2 (MacOS, incl. Ventura, Apple Silicon) - cloud 2D/3D CAD/CAM/CAE, trial, free for …
Autodesk Fusion R2 (Win10/11) - cloud 2D/3D CAD/CAM/CAE, trial, free for startups, EN/DE/CN/JP …
3Dprops - list volumes, surfaces, heights of 3D solids (VLX for AutoCAD)
Česká lokalizace pro Autodesk Fusion (Win64 a MacOS, zdarma)
DrGrid - draw 2D or 3D or polar grid lines, optionally numbered (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD)
TRANS - easy translation of AutoCAD drawing texts - either manual, Trados-assisted (translation …
Color Tabs - tab coloring by project, by family, for Revit 2024-2021, V1.0.17 (Trial; EN/CZ)
Dopravní značení - plakát A3 k aplikaci DZ 3.2 - dopravní značky dle 294/2015 a 84/2016 a 386/2023 (PDF)
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