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Random scatter of AutoCAD drawing objects - SCATTER.

A - answer With the freeware LISP utility CADstudio Scatter you can randomly scatter selected, regularly placed objects - e.g. from ARRAY, DIVIDE, MEASURE, etc. You can achieve more natural look of your projects by nudging such objects by small, random displacements. You can also randomly change their rotation, scale, thickness or color.

The application allows to choose displacements in 2D, in 3D or in a single axis only (e.g. only in Z), circular (random direction), along a selected curve (moves only on the curve), or perpendicular to a selected curve. Since V1.8 you can also scatter lines and meshes in the Vertex-mode. The specified distance is the maximum allowed displacement (linear or normal/gaussian distribution). Associative arrays need to be exploded first.

Since version 1.2 you can also use random rotation with a given max. angle (2D or 3D). Version 1.3 adds normal distribution (Gauss) and circular nudge. Version 1.4 adds optional random scaling (1/X-X). Version 1.6 adds random thickness (2D objects only) and random color from a preset palette. Version 1.8 adds vertex mode for nudging vertices in polylines and meshes. Use the scatterpalcustom LISP variable to preset a custom color palette - e.g.:
(setq scatterpalcustom '(1 2 3))

You can download the Scatter utility from, load it with APPLOAD and run with the SCATTER command.

1000 points located at 0,0 scattered +/- 100 units using different methods:

Exploded rectangular array of 1.0-diameter donuts scattered with zero displacement, random thickness (2.0) and random color (Modern palette):

Exploded array of mesh spheres, nudged, scaled and assigned random color (Rainbow):

See also the video:

Since version 1.7 you can preset the LISP variable _scatter_drawline:

(setq _scatter_drawline T)

to draw link-lines between the original and the new nudged position of the individual objects.

Since version 1.9 you can preset a true random number generator by using (setq _scatter_truerandom T) before loading scatter.vlx.

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