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Total length of sweeps in Inventor - wires, pipes, trusses, tubes, hoses (iLogic)

A - answer Using the iLogic rule detecting 3D features of Sweeps, you can sum the total length of all picked elements of this type in your 3D model (IPT component). This can be used, for example, to find the total length of modelled pipe elements, wires, hoses, profile beams, trusses and other swept elements.

End the incremental loop displaying the cumulative length by pressing [ESC]. Then the total length value (in the current document length units) is displayed for copying.

oPrecision = 4
Dim TotalLength As Double
Dim oSweep As SweepFeature
Dim oDoc = ThisDoc.Document
Dim oDef As PartComponentDefinition
oDef = oDoc.ComponentDefinition
Dim oHighLight As Inventor.HighlightSet
oHighLight = oDoc.CreateHighlightSet
On Error GoTo ExitRule
oUOM = oDoc.UnitsOfMeasure
oLUnits = oUOM.LengthUnits
oUnitString = oUOM.GetStringFromType(oLUnits)
Dim cnt As Integer = 0
Dim oPrompt As String 
oPrompt = "Select Sweeps, <‍ESC> to end..."

While True 'loop
 selectF = ThisApplication.CommandManager.Pick _
		(kPartFeatureFilter, oPrompt)
 If IsNothing(selectF) Then Exit While
 If TypeOf selectF Is SweepFeature Then
	oSweep = selectF
    Dim oProfileOrigin As Point2d
    oProfileOrigin = oSweep.Profile.RegionProperties.Centroid
    Dim oProfileOrigin3D As Point
    oProfileOrigin3D = oSweep.Profile.Parent.SketchToModelSpace(oProfileOrigin)
    Dim oCurves As ObjectsEnumerator
    oCurves = oDef.Features.SweepFeatures.GetTruePath(oSweep.Path, oProfileOrigin3D)
    Dim oCurve As Object
    For Each oCurve In oCurves
        Dim oCurveEval As CurveEvaluator
        oCurveEval = oCurve.Evaluator
        Dim MinParam As Double
        Dim MaxParam As Double
        Dim Length As Double
        Call oCurveEval.GetParamExtents(MinParam, MaxParam)
        Call oCurveEval.GetLengthAtParam(MinParam, MaxParam, Length)
        TotalLength = TotalLength + Length
	cnt = cnt + 1
	Call oHighLight.AddItem(selectF)
	oPrompt = Round(oUOM.ConvertUnits(TotalLength, "cm", _
			oLUnits), oPrecision) & " " & oUnitString
 End If
End While

InputBox("TOTAL LENGTH" & vbCrLf & "of " & cnt & " sweeps:", "Sweep Length", oPrompt)

ExitRule :

For possible bulk selection of ALL sweeps in the model, use the loop (instead of While True):

For Each oSweep In oDef.Features.SweepFeatures

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