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Block Block:   ContourAutoLabel (Annotation)


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Automatic contour label (dyn.block) - performs aligning, detects snap Z-coordinate, centers, masks background (TFRAMES=no frame)
Downloaded: 3367x
Size 54,5kB • from 18.2.2007
Uploader: Vladimír Michl^ • Author: CADstudiomd5: 6b0e8d5017ef31941d83fd653fe515a0

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CCBENVICO (30.4.2019 7:00:04)
How do you insert this to a model?
vincent9432 (22.3.2011 20:15:29)
how do i use it...
Tlee (17.1.2011 19:59:41)
Thanks works great with AutoCAD20008
bmshutts (11.1.2011 20:00:21)
Excellent except i thought it did it automatically. You have to find and select which contours to label. But otherwise good.
jtd871 (29.3.2010 19:37:54)
Great block, thank you!
Vladimir Michl (28.10.2009 23:24:25)
Yes, see the block 5224 - ContourAutoLabel2 (you can just edit the field in the preset attribute)
mattwilliams24 (28.10.2009 23:05:04)
Can this block be changed to not round to one decimal place? My contours are at .25m intervals. (Map 2009)
Vladimir Michl (22.2.2009 21:36:58)
The grey background is the text mask - it is only displayed, not printed. See also the FIELDDISPLAY variable.
k2rico715 (17.2.2009 15:56:07)
Great block but I keep getting a grey rectangle behind my elevation numbers... I tried changing the color of the numbers but I still get it.
Vladimir Michl (12.12.2008 13:36:30)
It takes the Z value from the insertion point of the dynamic block (snapped to the contour entity). You cannot easily get the name of the underlaying entity.
jaynic (11.12.2008 20:16:34)
How does this extract the Z value. Can it be made to extract a Block name and put into leader text? (AutocadLT 2007)
Vladimir Michl (7.11.2008 11:36:50)
Unfortunately not - this block is a dynamic block and dynamic blocks were introduced in AutoCAD 2006 (Map 2006).
nolly (31.10.2008 10:52:33)
it does not work with map 3d it possible to solve? thank you!
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