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see AutoCAD
3D modelling kernel (technology) formerly used in AutoCAD and other Autodesk applications. The current Autodesk 3D kernel for solid and surface modelling - the Autodesk Shape Manager is derived from ACIS. Its textual representaion is the SAT format. (The ACIS name is coming from: "Andy, Charles, Ian's System")
activation code
(also 'authorization code') - a sequence of characters supplied by the software vendor after proving the purchase of the given software license; this code activates the license allowing to use the software further
ACTion Macro - AutoCAD action recorder macro file format
ADP - drawing file format
.ADSK - Autodesk exchange format (since versions 2010) based on XML, used e.g. to exchange CAD models between Inventor - Revit - Civil 3D (ADSK = also the Autodesk ticker symbol)
see Architectural Desktop
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML - web scripting technology (client/server)
American National Standards Institute - US industry standards authority
(Aruba Packet File) file format of Autodesk Showcase models
Architectural Desktop
Autodesk Architectural Desktop (now AutoCAD Architecture) - architectural and civil engineering application by Autodesk, based on AutoCAD kernel and AEC objects
Autocad Runtime eXtension - compiled AutoCAD add-on application file (most often programmed in C++)
Autodesk Technical Imaging Library - interface to the raster engine used in AutoCAD and other Autodesk software
Autodesk User Group International (
AutoCAD - a general 2D/3D CAD application by Autodesk; world's most used CAD program; platform for add-on applications (see
AutoCAD Architecture
(formerly Architectural Desktop) - architectural and civil engineering application by Autodesk, based on AutoCAD kernel and AEC objects
AutoCAD WorkSpace/WebService (now AutoCAD 360) - mobile and web version of AutoCAD for Android, iPad, iPod and iPhone (Apple iOS) and Mac based on the cloud technology
see LISP
a drawing technique which represents 3D objects on a 2D medium (paper); verticals are drawn to scale, dialogal dimensions are distorted (isometric, dimetric and trimetric projection)

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