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An AutoCAD module, connects drawing contents with external databases
AutoCAD Database Extension Component - customizable extension of object types for the AutoCAD drawing database (DWG)
Dialog Control Language - file format of AutoCAD dialogs definition language
DirectDraw Surface - file format for storing textures and cubic environment maps, used for visualizations (format by Microsoft)
Design Review
Autodesk Design Review - view, redline, markup and file management application for DWF files (2D/3D digital design data); formerly DWF Composer
Dumb Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language - a simple macro language in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT
Dynamic Link Library - dynamic library file for Windows appications
dots per inch - points per inch - print or display resolution expressed in number of points per one inch
dual core CPU combines two independent processors (incl. their caches and cache controllers) onto a single chip
Design Web Format™ - package file format for electronic publishing of 2D and 3D design data. Allows to protect data content, work with layers, views, scale, object properties. Supports multi-sheet publishing to a single DWF package of CAD data.
DWF Composer
Autodesk DWF Composer (now Autodesk Design Review) - redline, markup and file management application for DWF files (2D/3D digital design data)
DWF Writer
Autodesk DWF Writer - a Windows printer driver allowing to print from any Windows application directly to a .DWF file (free for download)
An enhanced version of the DWF file format based on Microsoft XPS; DWFx files can be natively viewed in Windows 7 and Vista.
DWG TrueConnect
Autodesk technology for integrating 3D and 2D design, and associative sharing of Inventor and AutoCAD drawings in a single file format DWG
DraWinG - binary file format of AutoCAD drawings. De-facto standard for representation of CAD data. Format is specified by the Autodesk company.
Drawing Interchange Format - textual file format of AutoCAD drawings. De-facto standard for representation of CAD data in an open format (published by Autodesk). A textual version of the DWG format. DXF format exists also in a more compact binary version.
Digital eXchange Package - job definition file from Océ Publisher

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