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Téma uzavřenoAktualizace Inventor CAM 2020.1

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Vladimír Michl Zobrazit panel
Arkance Systems

Přihlášen: 09.zář.2004
Lokalita: ČR (JČ)
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Přímý odkaz na tuto zprávu Téma: Aktualizace Inventor CAM 2020.1
    Zasláno: 12.čvc.2019 v 10:26
Byla vydána aktualizace pro Inventor CAM 2020 (Inventor HSM). Ke stažení je na Autodesk Account. Přehled novinek a oprav:

Milling Toolpaths

Fixed an issue where 3D Adaptive Clearing with rest machining can fail with complex remaining stock. (#13622)

Fixed several issues in which the toolpath computations for Adaptive Clearing could fail on Mac. (#12188)

Improved Adaptive for tighter model contours; it now finds a starting point on the stock boundary. (#12095)

Improved start entries for Adaptive Clearing toolpaths so that the toolpath starts in corners/endpoints rather than in the middle of a stock line. (#12238)

Fixed an issue where calculating a 2D Adaptive toolpath with rest machining from a face selection could result in a large area being machined. (#13030)

Fixed an issue in Adaptive where using a ballnose cutter as a reference tool was giving the wrong toolpath. (#14000)

Removed machine orientation information from the Adaptive toolpath geometry tab. (#14294)

Fixed a crash that could occur in some cases after deleting the contour selection associated with a flat pattern. (#11055)

Fixed an issue where preserve order was not respected in 2D Profile toolpaths. (#12127)

Fixed an issue that could occur when creating bore, circular and threading toolpaths around cylindrical bosses. (#14593)

Fixed a problem in Contour toolpaths where ramps might not be connected to their cutting moves, resulting in an

unexpected lift and plunge to cover the gap. (#13822)

Fixed an issue that introduced unnecessary retracts in Ramp operations. (#13747)

Fixed an issue which caused irregular cutting passes for Scallop toolpaths. (#13757)

Fixed an issue where a Constant Scallop toolpath might not calculate when up/down milling and 'other-way' linking was enabled. (#13172)

Turning Toolpaths

Fixed an issue where an angled turning tool was incorrectly previewed in the tool library. (#13725)

Fixed a problem in turning profile roughing operations with turning mode set to face profiling where the toolpath was not regenerated after the direction parameter in the operation was changed. (#14313)

Added an option for a turn parting operation to keep the parting tool down at the final toolpath point X coordinate or retract it to the clearance X coordinate. (#12779)

Fixed an issue for turning face and chamfer operations with a turning or grooving tool. For certain combinations of the spindle direction and handedness of the holder, the Safe Z coordinate was based upon the wrong side of the insert. (#12454)

Fixed an issue where a grooving operation could fail if the back and front Z limits coincided with the extents of the groove geometry. (#10978)

Fixed a memory leak for some turning grooving jobs. (#13390)

Tool Library

Fixed turning tool preview in the tool library when the spindle rotation was changed. (#13998)

Fixed a problem with the visualization of a round shank external grooving tool in simulation. (#13797)

User Interface

Fixed a problem in which an error message about "invalid machine configuration" was incorrectly displayed. (#14475)

Fixed a problem where retracting z levels were machine areas that had already been cleared in lower levels. (#14035)

Fixed a problem in which stock properties defaulted to selection of faces, and required selecting some face and clearing it before you could select the actual stock. (#13966)

Fixed a crash that could occur when using drag-and-drop to import a tool library from Windows Explorer into the tool library window. (#14382)

Fixed a crash that could occur during simulation if a toolpath removed nearly all of the stock. (#11142)

Fixed a problem in certain operation dialogs that caused incorrect display of group parameters if the group was redisplayed due to a change to another parameter. (#14155)

Fixed a problem that occurred when creating operations from a template containing a Manual NC operation. No tool will be assigned to the Manual NC. (#12703)

Post Processor

Functionality has been restored to the alert, promptKey, and promptKey2 API calls. These now work as before, but are supported only on Windows. (#14452)

Fixed a regression where tool.getExtent() could return an empty bounding box, causing the setup sheet to incorrectly scale the tool image. (#13848)

Added a mechanism to define which rotary axes support TCP in the post processor. This simplifies the code needed to disable TCP for a single axis. (#13282)

Added new global function 'isNewWorkPlane(section)' which returns true if the passed section requires new workplane calls. This simplifies the 'newWorkPlane' checks that are typically done inside of post processors (#13278)

Added global variables 'minimumProgramNumber' and 'maximumProgramNumber' to post processor. (#13276)

Post properties that you set when using a post processor are now saved to a file. This allows using the post processor on other computers with confidence that the previously used properties will continue to be applied. (#13233)

Added the onManualNC function that will handle all Manual NC commands, and the expandManualNC function that handles all Manual NC commands using the historical method. (#12839)

Fixed the behavior of mapToWCS, so that it can be changed multiple times in the post. (#12733)

Added cancelRotation and cancelTranslation methods. (#8965)

NC Editor

Updated HSMEdit to fix an issue in which the display of text was corrupted. (#14524)

Updated HSMEdit to correct a problem with the backplotting function. (#14428)


Fixed a problem that could occur when activating Inventor CAM with an HSM Ultimate network license. (#15164)

Fixed an issue in which administrator privileges were required when activating a license. (#14902)

Vladimír Michl (moderátor)
Arkance Systems s.r.o. - www.arkance-systems.cz
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