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Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware)
Revit Families
Unterladen Material library (.adsklib+textures) for the BIM library MRAMOROVY EFEKT (by BIMproject, see 29MB 14.7.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Material library (.adsklib+textures) for the BIM library PERITO (by BIMproject, see 111MB 11.6.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Systémy Rigips - elektronický katalog/aplikace sádrokartonových prvků pro Revit 2014 (BIM Project) 51.8MB 1.5.2014    
Unterladen Wienerberger Revit library - parametric RFA families for Revit 2010 (Lintel, MIAKO, slabs) - see also 14.8MB 21.4.2009    
Vault, ADMS
Unterladen PartNumberGenerator - sekvenční číslování součástí, např. pro Vault Basic (CS+) Externe 16kB 27.7.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Battle Ship game for AutoCAD (hra Lodě) by J.P.Sanders 63kB 6.7.2004    
Unterladen Brain Exception - demonstration of Motion Induced Blindness in AutoCAD (unhandled exception in your brain) 2.4kB 5.11.2003 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Fireworks in AutoCAD drawing (LSP) 34kB 1.10.2003    
Unterladen GrumpyBlocks - Angry-Birds-like game for AutoCAD 2013/2014 64-bit (by C.Janson, AU2012) 5.6MB 22.7.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Christmas tree (3D) in AutoCAD (XMAS routines by J.Uhden and D.Rudolph) 4.3kB 20.12.2007    
Unterladen MasterMind game (Logik) for AutoCAD    
Unterladen Mine Sweeper game for AutoCAD (miny) by J.P.Sanders 31kB 5.7.2004    
Unterladen MineSweeper3D - free minesweeper game for Autodesk Inventor 2013/2012 32/64-bit 5.3MB 16.12.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Rubik's Cube - the famous puzzle in AutoCAD (LSP) 29kB 13.12.2002    
Unterladen Slot Machine game for AutoCAD    
Unterladen SpaceCADet - Asteroids-like game for AutoCAD 2013/2014 64-bit (by C.Janson, AU2012) 2MB 22.7.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SpaceWars game for AutoCAD    
Unterladen TROY - Asteroids LISP game (ver.5 - faster) by Terry Miller 70kB 5.1.2007    
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Unterladen 2D3Dpoly - converts 2D polylines to 3D polyline objects (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 11.10.2016    
Unterladen 2DPlot - generate AutoCAD 2D curves with parametric math functions - XY=F(U); VLX+FAS for AutoCAD (Win+Mac) 17kB 27.6.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen 2Dunfold - unfolds 2D curves to straight polylines (VLX for AutoCAD) 12kB 19.4.2009    
Unterladen 3DConstruct - convert 3DFaces or wireframes to solid 3D constructs (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 17320 17.1.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen 3DF2L - converts 3DFaces to Lines (LISP for AutoCAD) 2kB 8.11.2012    
Unterladen 3DFA2SOL - convert 3DFACEs to SOLIDs (fill), LISP for AutoCAD 1227 17.11.1997    
Unterladen 3DPlot - generate AutoCAD 3D surfaces with parametric math functions - Z=F(X,Y) 25kB 19.2.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen 3DPolyC - draw 3D polyline by entering 3Dlength,azimuth,slope (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 26.4.2010    
Unterladen 3DStretch - interactive stretching of objects' faces (LSP for AutoCAD) 1kB 8.1.2017    
Unterladen AcadStart - Explorer context menu extension (A2000,R14) 99kB 13.6.2000 Weitere Information  
Unterladen ACADtweet - Twitter for AutoCAD 2012/2011 - send and read tweets (statuses) directly from AutoCAD command line (.NET tool) 138kB 28.4.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen ACADtweet - Twitter for AutoCAD 2013/2012 - send and read tweets (statuses) directly from AutoCAD command line (.NET tool, installer) 1.5MB 14.4.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen AddArea - add total area of polylines, regions and hatches by layers (VLX for AutoCAD) 14592 15.3.2013    
Unterladen AddLen - add total length of lines and curves by layers (VLX for AutoCAD) 7348 3.11.2015    
Unterladen AddV/DelV - interactively adds or deletes polyline vertex by picking (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 17kB 7.4.2017    
Unterladen AllAnno - set annotation scale settings (variables) for all layouts (LSP for AutoCAD) 585 24.6.2009    
Unterladen AllVports - sets UCSFOLLOW to 0 (or 1) in all viewports of all layouts and modelspace 2060 30.1.2008    
Unterladen Anaglyph - generate 3D stereograms, anaglyphs (red-cyan pictures) of AutoCAD 3D models (.NET for AutoCAD 2013) 1.2MB 15.5.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen AnimPar - animate DWG drawing by driving dyn.block parameters or dim.constraints (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15kB 19.3.2017    
Unterladen Arc2Lin - converts Arc and Cirle entities into line segments (VLX for AutoCAD 2000x) 13kB 26.5.2003    
Unterladen ArcNorm - normalize "reverse" arcs with normal vector [0,0,-1] 1kB 6.12.2006    
Unterladen ASCPOINT.LSP - imports a coordinate text file into AutoCAD points, polylines or block copies (T.Tanzillo+CADstudio) 12kB 29.8.2013    
Unterladen Att2Txt - converts attributes (AttDef) to plain texts (Text) in an AutoCAD drawing (LISP) 654 26.11.2008    
Unterladen AttAdd and AttApp - adds/subtracts a number or appends a prefix/suffix to the specified attribute in selected blocks (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 14.12.2011    
Unterladen AutoDWF automatically saves a DWF copy (2D or 3D) of a drawing on every save of the DWG drawing (A2005/2006, A2007/2008/2009, A2010) 16kB 22.7.2009 Weitere Information  
Unterladen AutoExec.vlx - embed LISP macros into DWGs and load/execute them automatically on open (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 16kB 14.12.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen AutoLay reactor - places dimensions, hatches, texts into specified AutoCAD layers automatically (LSP) 6.6kB 21.7.2006    
Unterladen AutoLISP Debugger for AutoCAD R12 (free LISP debugger)    
Unterladen AutoLISP Debugger for AutoCAD R13c4 (free LISP debugger)    
Unterladen AutoLISP Debugger for AutoCAD R14 (free LISP debugger) 40kB    
Unterladen AutoLISP Debugger for IntelliCAD (free LISP debugger) 45kB 11.2.2001    
Unterladen AutoPDF automatically saves a PDF copy of a drawing on every save of the DWG drawing (A2007/2008/2009/2010) 16kB 22.5.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen BBox - draws permanent or temporary bounding boxes (rectangle, circle, or 3D box) for selected drawing objects 14kB 8.3.2011    
Unterladen BCount - count blocks, enhanced Express Tool command with dynamic blocks support (LSP for AutoCAD) 3876 23.4.2012    
Unterladen BLegend - creates a visual table (legend) of blocks and dyn.blocks used in the drawing (VLX for AutoCAD) 29352 17.6.2016    
Unterladen Blikej - blinks the layer of the selected entity 740 15.12.2009    
Unterladen BlkAnnot - change the Annotative flag for selected blocks (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 26.2.2013    
Unterladen BLKREDEF.LSP - redefines a drawing block with an updated version from a DWG file (can be batch scripted) 1059 19.8.2013    
Unterladen BlockRef - replace repeating 3D solids with block references (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 16kB 17.3.2016    
Unterladen BParea - pick point to draw area label (VLX for AutoCAD) 9616 12.4.2014    
Unterladen BreakAll + BreakObjects V2.x - breaks lines at intersections (automatic Break at intersection points) LSP by C.A.Butler - 12308 5.1.2009    
Unterladen BreakPls - breaks selected polylines at point objects (a CS+ utility) Externe 12.8kB 23.6.2011    
Unterladen BrkList - breaks and marks selected curve at multiple points specified by a list of coordinates (stations) 9444 3.5.2009    
Unterladen CADstudio FDO LineStyle 2010-2012 - generates line style symbols for FDO layers (AutoCAD Map, MapGuide) from drawing objects 2.6MB 2.3.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio FDO LineStyle 2013 - generates line style symbols for FDO layers (AutoCAD Map, MapGuide) from drawing objects 2.5MB 2.4.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio FDO LineStyle 2014 - generates line style symbols for FDO layers (AutoCAD Map, MapGuide) from drawing objects 2.5MB 2.4.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio Import VTX - import souborů formátu Kokeš (.vtx) do AutoCADu (zdarma pro zákazníky z Helpdesk webu, CS+) Externe 1.5MB 4.5.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio SLDview 1.1 - AutoCAD Slide Viewer (.SLD) - Windows EXE (uses .NET Framework) 292kB 26.11.2007    
Unterladen CADstudio VGI Import - import souborů SK-katastru formátu .vgi do AutoCADu 2010/2011 (zdarma pro zákazníky z Helpdesk webu - CS+) Externe 1.2MB 2.2.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio VGI Import - import souborů SK-katastru formátu .vgi do AutoCADu 2015, 2014 a 2013 (zdarma pro zákazníky z Helpdesk webu - CS+) Externe 2.1MB 17.4.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CAMLINE.LSP - creates a 3D view vector between source and target points of a given AutoCAD camera 466 27.2.2007    
Unterladen CCText - clipboard-copy drawing texts (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15kB 15.12.2016    
Unterladen CenRect - draw rectangle from center (LSP for AutoCAD) 823 31.7.2015    
Unterladen Centroid - draw center of gravity (CG/COG) point of a polyline, region or 3D solid (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11.7kB 27.7.2009    
Unterladen Cisti - batch purge DWG drawings (unused blocks) J.Kubeczka 236kB 15.6.2005    
Unterladen CityGML - export simple polyline outlines from DWG to CityGML XML format (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 17kB 19.12.2012    
Unterladen Click2OO - copy coordinates of clicked points to OpenOffice/StarOffice Calc (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 16kB 10.12.2013    
Unterladen Click2XLS/Text2XLS - export clicked point coordinates or picked texts to Excel sheets (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 20kB 11.10.2016    
Unterladen CoDOf - copy with directional distance offset (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 15.12.2016    
Unterladen COG3D - display center of gravity for 3D solids and regions (těžiště, AutoCAD LSP) 906 16.7.2008    
Unterladen Col2Lay - batch convert entity colors to separate layers, e.g. for rendering tools (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 19.9.2014    
Unterladen ConvertDXF - batch convert DWG files to DXF (VBA for AutoCAD) 28kB 11.10.2012    
Unterladen COPY2LAY - copies selected objects to all specified layouts (VLX for AutoCAD) 12.5kB 17.9.2012    
Unterladen CopyBase independent on UCS (copy/paste for AutoCAD) 761 23.1.2012    
Unterladen CopyLay - copies selected layers (definitions) from another DWG file (VLX for AutoCAD) 14kB 25.10.2009    
Unterladen CopyPageSetups - copy current page setups to all DWG files in the selected folder (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13.6kB 29.8.2012    
Unterladen CopyViews - imports named views from another drawing (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 10.6.2013    
Unterladen CSreportAtt - extracts selected block attributes or DWG properties to a TXT file, e.g. for ScriptPro (CS+) Externe 14kB 30.1.2014    
Unterladen CSV2PTS - read CSV file with Z-coordinates of points in a regular X-Y grid (LISP for AutoCAD) 24kB 1.9.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Csv2Table - import comma-delimited CSV file (Excel) to AutoCAD Table (VLX Lisp) 15kB 16.11.2011    
Unterladen CsvLayers - create/import layers from a list in a CSV/Excel file - see sample 11kB 10.5.2013    
Unterladen Curve2Lin - convert any curve to segmented (poly)line (CS+ bonus for AutoCAD) Externe 14kB 3.10.2016    
Unterladen CurveAxis - draw axis between two curves (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 29.7.2016    
Unterladen CurveText - draw text along a curve (arc, circle, polyline...), AutoCAD LSP by A.Gumula 14.3kB 5.7.2006    
Unterladen CWipeout - circular wipeout (LSP for AutoCAD) 545 31.8.2016    
Unterladen DB2SB - converts an AutoCAD dynamic block to a static block (VLX Lisp) 902 19.7.2007    
Unterladen DblClick reactor opens hyperlinks attached to AutoCAD drawing objects just by double-click 2kB 8.4.2005    
Unterladen DBXremSL, DBXscanSL - scans DWG files, reports and removes excessive annotation scale lists in all drawings in selected folder (VLX/DBX) 17.4kB 6.1.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXremVBA, DBXscanVBA - scans DWG files, reports and removes VBA macros in all drawings in selected folder (VLX/DBX) 25kB 15.12.2010 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXscanAEC - scans folders for DWG files containing AEC objects - generates a report (VLX/DBX), CS+ tool Externe 12kB 11.3.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXscanFus - scans folders for DWG files created in Fusion 360 - generates a report (VLX/DBX) 12kB 15.7.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXscanInv - scans folders for DWG files saved (not exported) from Inventor - generates a report (VLX/DBX) 12kB 21.5.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXscanMech - scans folders for DWG files containing Mechanical objects - generates a report (VLX/DBX), CS+ Externe 12kB 18.6.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXscanSHX - scans folders for DWG files containing references to SHX files - generates a report (VLX/DBX) 14kB 18.6.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DBXscanXref - scans DWG files in a folder and reports all Xrefs referenced in the individual drawings (VLX/DBX) 13kB 9.9.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DeleteFilters - delete unused layer filters in AutoCAD 2002/2004/2005/2006 drawing (VLX by CAD Studio) 2.2kB 30.11.2004    
Unterladen DelGrpA - delete anonymous groups (*A####) from AutoCAD drawing (LSP) 383 6.7.2013    
Unterladen DelPageSetup - deletes named page setup(s) in a DWG (LSP for AutoCAD) 600 20.4.2008    
Unterladen DelProxy - erase proxy objects from AutoCAD DWG drawing (VLX Lisp) 11396 14.11.2008    
Unterladen DELSHAPE - purge unavailable shapes (SHX files) from an AutoCAD DWG drawing 1254 12.12.2007    
Unterladen Depends - list all file dependencies in the current DWG - xrefs, images, fonts, underlays, BIM etc. (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15700 27.4.2015    
Unterladen DGNconvert - batch convert selected DGN files to DWG (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD; CS+ bonus) Externe 26kB 10.11.2015    
Unterladen DimCurve - dimension length of any 2D/3D curve (or distance on curve) in AutoCAD (VLX Lisp) 17.5kB 12.4.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Dimetry - dimetric projection of AutoCAD 3D objects (VLX for AutoCAD 2000x) 2.7kB 22.12.2005 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DimMask - adds text mask with specified color and offset to selected dimensions (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 1724 18.5.2011    
Unterladen DIST2 - cumulative DIST command (LSP for AutoCAD) 499 15.4.2008    
Unterladen DivBreak - breaks polylines to a defined segment number/length - combines the BREAK and DIVIDE/MEASURE commands 11kB 4.11.2010    
Unterladen DOBT - set draworder by object type and by layer (VLX for AutoCAD) 13kB 25.7.2013    
Unterladen DrGrid - draw 2D or 3D or polar grid lines, optionally numbered (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 20kB 18.2.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DTM - free Digital Terrain Model application for AutoCAD - TIN, volume, elevations, flowlines, meshes (VLX for AutoCAD and Map 3D) 22kB 17.3.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DTMcol - analyze/color terrain model (3DFACEs) elevations in AutoCAD (VLX Lisp) 14kB 10.1.2014    
Unterladen DTMcolSl - analyze/color terrain model (3DFACEs) slopes in AutoCAD (VLX Lisp) 16kB 10.1.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DUP - make a duplicate copy of selected objects, also repeatedly (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 12560 22.6.2016    
Unterladen DWGinfo - info+preview of DWG file (incl.A2000) (J.Bastecky) 114kB 21.3.1999    
Unterladen DWGintVer - display product name & version & build used to save a DWG file (.NET for AutoCAD plus Windows console; CS+) Externe 1.6MB 10.4.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DWGsign Reader - read watermarks (signatures) in DWG drawings, free (for AutoCAD 2016) Externe 2.4MB 12.4.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DXEdel - delete references to .DXE files created by the DATAEXTRACTION command (VLX for AutoCAD) 9842 3.2.2010    
Unterladen DynFrame - frames selected text with dynamic frame and offset (mleader) 14kB 9.8.2013    
Unterladen DynLTscale (DLTS) - scale linetypes dynamically by mouse dragging (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 21.4.2016    
Unterladen DynReset - restores missing grips on dynamic blocks (VLX for AutoCAD) 8683 1.12.2008    
Unterladen Ent2Lay - converts selected entities to individual layers (VLX for AutoCAD) 11728 26.1.2009    
Unterladen evalVBS - evaluate VBScript functions from AutoLISP (LSP for AutoCAD) 1470 12.6.2016    
Unterladen ExplodeIP (VLX) - explode and inherit properties (e.g. for exploding MPolygons) 1644 6.8.2007    
Unterladen ExplodeM - explode "unexplodable" MINSERT blocks, removes pseudo-protection of DWG drawings (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 18.5.2009    
Unterladen FaceArea - total surface area of selected 3DFACEs (LSP for AutoCAD) 1016 10.12.2013    
Unterladen fAREA - creates a dynamic area label (acreage of the selected object(s)), or length label (perimeter, fLENGTH), or property label (fPROP) - VLX LISP for AutoCAD 13kB 15.7.2015    
Unterladen FieldLink - draw temporary lines between fields and their source objects, incl. tables (VLX for AutoCAD) 12kB 7.8.2013    
Unterladen FilterLL - filter LINEs by length (LSP for AutoCAD) 701 16.11.2010    
Unterladen FixArea13 - fix polylines with overlapping segments for Area calculations in AutoCAD 2013 (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 6.4.2013    
Unterladen FixDimensions - fixes upside-down texts in dimensions (by J.Burke) 744 11.7.2008    
Unterladen FixMLeader - fixes MLeader scaling in AutoCAD 2009 (VIP tool) Externe 317 2.11.2011    
Unterladen FLay - automatic force layer for selected commands (drawing objects), AutoCAD LISP reactor (VLX) 123kB 7.12.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen FLAY.TAB - automatické členění hladin pro konstrukce v AutoCAD Plant 3D (vyžaduje utilitu FLay) 779 31.7.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen FLayDel - delete all Frozen, Off or Locked layers (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 2007+) 13kB 6.3.2012    
Unterladen FLD2TXT - convert fields to static texts (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 19.6.2016    
Unterladen FlipCen - flip objects around their center, mirror horizontal, vertical or in Z-axis (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13488 8.5.2015    
Unterladen FlipDimArrow2 - flip arrows (inside/outside) for selected dimensions (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 1.12.2013    
Unterladen FlipFace - flip selected 3DFaces (reverse normals) - LSP for AutoCAD 1197 30.1.2013    
Unterladen fVolume - creates a dynamic volume label (volume of the selected object) 1432 28.1.2007    
Unterladen Gatte - edit block attributes, even "XXX_YYY" (a modified Express Tool) 7542 12.12.2012    
Unterladen GeoCode - free forward and reverse geocoding for AutoCAD 2014/15/16/17/18+ maps - point to postal address, address to position, what3words (VLX LISP) 844kB 1.11.2016    
Unterladen GeoRefImg - georeferencing for AutoCAD and Architecture - automatic repositioning of raster images (with georeference world files); ECW/SID/JP2 added, rotation fixed, worldout 63kB 12.12.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen GetAng - return picked angle on any angle prompt (LSP for AutoCAD) 589 26.1.2014    
Unterladen GETCNAME - displays AutoCAD command name in English, German, Czech, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (VLX/LSP) 1680 23.9.2008    
Unterladen GetCol - show real color of the selected object, incl. bylayer and block-nested (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 3.8.2011    
Unterladen GetLayouts - copy all layouts from another DWG (no sort, keeps original order) 13kB 23.4.2010    
Unterladen GRP.VLX - GRP and UNGRP commands - replacement for PKFSTGROUP and QKUNGROUP in full AutoCAD (Lisp) 2760 25.3.2009    
Unterladen gStretch - pseudo grip-stretch, fixes grip-edit/osnap problem in AutoCAD 2011 585 12.11.2010    
Unterladen Hatch2L - hatch area between two boundary polylines (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 17kB 4.1.2017    
Unterladen HidePStyle - hides objects with selected plot style (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 14.4.2016    
Unterladen HideShow - hide selected objects from AutoCAD drawing (VLX for AutoCAD) 1500 26.5.2008    
Unterladen History - display (animate) the order the drawing entities were created (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 22.8.2013    
Unterladen HltNode - highlight polyline nodes temporarily (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 14kB 25.11.2015    
Unterladen CHELEV.LSP - sets contour elevations (LISP for AutoCAD and Civil 3D) (N.Menu) 1kB 10.10.2007    
Unterladen ImgAdj - set image width/height (pixel aspect ratio) independently (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12196 19.5.2013    
Unterladen Import RÚIAN V1.2.2 - převod dat registru RÚIAN do relačních databází Oracle a MS SQL a GIS modelů Autodesk (Trial/Update, 32/64-bit) 96MB 15.2.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Import RÚIAN V1.2.8 - převod dat registru RÚIAN do relačních databází Oracle a MS SQL a GIS modelů Autodesk (Trial/Update, 64-bit) 50MB 4.10.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen ImportUCS - import named coordinate systems from another DWG (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 26.9.2016    
Unterladen IncObj - incrementally number any DWG objects into hyperlinks (can be scheduled to EXTRDATA) 15kB 8.9.2014    
Unterladen IncText - renumber existing AutoCAD texts with incrementing numbers (counter) 15kB 8.9.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen InsertBlks - insert all DWG files in a folder as blocks (LSP for AutoCAD) 1434 24.4.2014    
Unterladen InsertC + BlockC - insert new (or renumber existing) blocks with incrementing numbers in attributes (incremental numbering, counter) 13kB 24.6.2013    
Unterladen InsertX - insert a block stored in another DWG drawing (VLX for AutoCAD) 16kB 13.10.2014    
Unterladen INTLINES - draws points in all intersections of selected objects, lines, incl. self-intersections (cdnc5-02.LSP by B.Kramer) 4749 10.1.2014    
Unterladen Keyboard pan for AutoCAD 2015 (kbdpan.cuix for CUILOAD), pan with Ctrl-numpad keys, Shift+Ctrl+F1 for help 12kB 3.3.2015    
Unterladen KLOT - Clothoide curve - arc to line (LSP for AutoCAD) 3231 16.2.2014    
Unterladen KopirujText.LSP - copy text content from source to target text entities (Pajas+Hadraba) 2kB 14.9.2012    
Unterladen Lay2Dwg - exports layers (entities) to individual drawings (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 9.12.2011    
Unterladen Lay2TC - convert layer ACI colors to truecolors (LSP for AutoCAD) 940 8.2.2017    
Unterladen LayLay reactor - switches selected layers on/off when entering Model and Paperspace DWG layouts 10kB 23.11.2008    
Unterladen LAYNSEL - move selected objects to a picked (sub)object's layer (LSP for AutoCAD) 13kB 16.10.2012    
Unterladen LayoutSw reactor switches LTSCALE and PSLTSCALE automatically on each layout/modelspace change 13.3kB 23.5.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen LColor - recolor "bylayer" objects to the color of their layer; opposite to SetByLayer (LSP for AutoCAD) 907 13.1.2012    
Unterladen LGC/LGC2/LGC3 - measure and label distances on a curve (VLX/LSP) 11kB 29.11.2015    
Unterladen LinCatalog - draws a catalog of complex linetypes defined in a .LIN file or in the DWG (free AutoLISP utility) 21kB 13.8.2013    
Unterladen LineIntArc (LIA) - bridge line intersections (conductors) with an arc (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13836 11.3.2015    
Unterladen LinExp - explode linetypes, both dashed and complex (modified TxtExp Express Tool) 10kB 21.7.2009    
Unterladen LinkText - link a text/mtext entity to another text, keeps them synchronized (VLX for AutoCAD) 14.5kB 2.9.2013    
Unterladen LinOut - exports linetype definitions (incl. shape+text info) from an AutoCAD DWG drawing back to .LIN file 14kB 17.2.2011    
Unterladen ListLinks - list all hyperlinks in the current drawing (LSP for AutoCAD) 703 26.8.2009    
Unterladen LLtype - change linetype of "bylayer" objects to the linetype of their layer; opposite to SetByLayer (LSP for AutoCAD) 964 24.1.2012    
Unterladen LockAllVp - locks all viewports in all layouts (LISP for AutoCAD) 9364 12.11.2008    
Unterladen LogBook (V0.9, beta) - creates log file with all changes in a DWG drawing (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 30kB 15.12.2014    
Unterladen LOMAN - layout manager - quickly switch between layouts, sort layouts (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 20kB 9.11.2012    
Unterladen LTFly - automatically generate AutoCAD complex linetypes (with embedded text) on the fly (VLX LISP) 11kB 13.12.2015    
Unterladen LTspiral.xlsx - example of 2D spiral calculated in Excel, XY polyline ready to paste into AutoCAD LT 15519 9.3.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen MakeMore (Kent Cooper) - create similar drawing object as the selected one (LSP for AutoCAD) 31kB 16.5.2016    
Unterladen MATEDIT - interactive material editor for Mechanical Desktop 77kB    
Unterladen MatchLayP - copies layer properties to another layer (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 1552 20.8.2008    
Unterladen MatchSel (reverse MatchProp) - select an entity and set current its color, layer, ltype - for new entities (LISP for AutoCAD) 725 13.1.2009    
Unterladen MBlockReplace (MBR) - replaces multiple block names with a given block (requires Express Tools, no attributes handled); VLX for AutoCAD 11.8kB 30.6.2009    
Unterladen MEASURE2 - performs the MEASURE command from both ends to the middle of a curve (.LSP for AutoCAD) 1kB 25.7.2007    
Unterladen Mesh2Pt - creates 3D points in every vertex of a 3D mesh, polymesh or surface (LISP for AutoCAD) 1112 18.11.2009    
Unterladen MMleader - masked-text multileader command (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13552 15.9.2015    
Unterladen Modulus - section modulus (Wx/Wy) for 2D profiles (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 19.3.2012    
Unterladen MoveAtt - moves attributes in multiple blocks (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 12.7.2009    
Unterladen MoveTill - iterative move, scale or rotate DWG object till it touches a boundary (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 18kB 3.2.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen MPROP - AutoCAD mass properties with material density (ARX for R14) 7kB 22.10.1998    
Unterladen NAPKIN - hand-drawn look for Arch.Desktop R2 drawings 15kB 11.4.2000 Weitere Information  
Unterladen NAPKIN 3 - hand-drawn look for Arch.Desktop R3 drawings 14kB 19.2.2001 Weitere Information  
Unterladen NBlockList - lists all used blocks + nested blocks and their layers (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 18kB 14.1.2016    
Unterladen NCOPY0 - a modified Express Tool - make a copy of a selected nested entity from a block or xref 2983 15.12.2009    
Unterladen Normals (and FlipFace) - draw or flip normals of 3DFaces or recolor 3DFaces facing towards/away from the camera (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15kB 22.8.2013    
Unterladen NumInText - round, add, multiple, cut, fill or delete numbers in drawing texts/attrs (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD; trial, CS+) 35kB 5.2.2017 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen NumTab creates an automatic table with number-sequence and dynamic recalculation (A2006) 11kB 17.11.2008    
Unterladen OpenDwgContextMenuBuilder - creates Explorer DWG context menu for choosing AutoCAD version to open the DWG (CS+ bonus) Externe 423kB 13.4.2016    
Unterladen OverDimCol (ODC) - highlight dimensions with overridden text (LISP for AutoCAD) 654 8.12.2008    
Unterladen P2BLK - replaces points and circles with blocks (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 3.3.2014    
Unterladen P2C+C2P - converts points to circles and circles to points (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 8872 5.1.2015    
Unterladen PageSet - copy page setup to all layouts (VLX for AutoCAD) 7220 29.11.2002    
Unterladen Parabola - true spline parabola (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 1704 10.10.2012    
Unterladen PatOut - export hatch pattern definition back to a .PAT file (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 12.4.2016    
Unterladen PL2ML - convert polylines (LWPOLYLINE) to multilines (MLINE) - LISP/VLX 1508 11.5.2007    
Unterladen Platonic polyhedra (3D) - tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron (LSP for AutoCAD, by Takaya Iwamoto) 10782 17.9.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Platonic polyhedra unfolding: TET, HEX, OCT, DOD, ICO (LSP for AutoCAD, by Tim Urbaniak) 5486 17.9.2014    
Unterladen PlotDWGarr + LayDWGarr - plots a rectangular array of drawings from frames in DWG modelspace, or generate a set of layouts (VLX Lisp) 14kB 19.3.2012    
Unterladen PlotStyleViewer - standalone viewer for STB/CTB files (Noliturbare) Externe 294kB 5.8.2008 Weitere Information  
Unterladen PLV - polyline vertices select - use 'PLV to specify a mask by picking (LISP for AutoCAD) 544 8.1.2010    
Unterladen Pol2Cir - convert circular polylines and donuts to circles (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 15kB 6.3.2016    
Unterladen PSfixTxt - prefix or suffix selected drawing texts (LSP for AutoCAD) 557 27.6.2011    
Unterladen PSrename - adds prefix or suffix to the name of any symbol - layers, blocks, styles, ltypes... (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 8.9.2009    
Unterladen PtOutline - convex outline (hull) of selected 2D/3D points (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13520 25.3.2015    
Unterladen PurgeIDS - purge RegApp and layer filters from multiple DWG drawing files, R14-2008 (James Maeding) 3.7MB 27.8.2007    
Unterladen QBEblock - search for block attribute values by example (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13628 5.5.2014    
Unterladen Ray hatch patterns (PAT) for AutoCAD - circular rays 1°-60° (by M.Ribar) 3KB 6.1.2012    
Unterladen ReAnon - přejmenuje nebo odstraní všechny typy anonymních bloků v DWG (LSP; CS+) Externe 1431 8.7.2013    
Unterladen Re-Assoc - reassociate disassociated/disconnected dimensions (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 2.12.2016    
Unterladen Region2Poly - convert 2D regions to polylines (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12.6kB 1.3.2017    
Unterladen Reset210 - resets the extrusion/normal vector of DWG objects to [0,0,1] (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 6.4.2016    
Unterladen RIblock - replace selected instances of a block (or blocks) with another block, sync attributes (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 25.7.2010    
Unterladen RotA - rotate objects around their individual ref. points (LSP for AutoCAD) 560 27.6.2014    
Unterladen RotAlign - align blocks to curve (CS+ bonus: natočení bloků podél křivky) Externe 14kB 23.8.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen RotX - rotates selected objects relatively around individual insertion points (LSP by Martin Bielina) 1149 9.4.2009    
Unterladen RoundT / RoundT2 - round drawing texts/attr to given number of decimal places, see also NumInText (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15kB 30.1.2017    
Unterladen RRename - rename layouts, blocks, layers or linetypes using regular expressions (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 3.4.2014    
Unterladen rVPscale reactor automatically displays viewport (mview) scale in a predefined text entity 2.8kB 21.4.2003    
Unterladen RvrsLine - reverse direction of LINEs and POLYLINEs (LSP for AutoCAD) 3567 16.3.2008    
Unterladen RvtShellExt - Windows Explorer extension - display RVT/RFA file version 12kB 14.12.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SaveOrig command - save DWG in the original file format/version (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 20.6.2013    
Unterladen ScaleListDel - deletes excessive annotation scales pulled in from Xrefs (ACAD2008) (by S.Johnson) 16874 18.9.2007    
Unterladen ScaleXYZ - scales selected objects independently in the X-Y-Z axis (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 30.11.2010    
Unterladen Scatter - move/rotate selected objects randomly in 2D or 3D or curves - orchard, parking, crowd... (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 17kB 27.6.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Seg2P and SegCur - returns coordinate of a point at a given ratio between 2 points or on a curve - a generalized M2P (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 9782 6.1.2011    
Unterladen Sel3Face - select trilateral or degenerated 3DFaces in drawing (LSP for AutoCAD) 1955 6.3.2015    
Unterladen SELBLK.LSP - select all blocks of the same name as the picked block or by wildcards 1310 2.9.2012    
Unterladen SelDB - select dynamic blocks by dynamic properties (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15.2kB 16.10.2010    
Unterladen SelFace - select trilateral, quadrilateral, degenerated, singular, horizontal or ccw 3DFaces in drawing (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 7.3.2015    
Unterladen SelfIntersect - check for self-intersections, duplicate and zig-zag/retracing vertices in polylines (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 15.5kB 30.5.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SelHatch0 - selects damaged hatches with null areas (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 15.4.2011    
Unterladen SELLAY.LSP - select all entities in the same layer(s) as the picked entity 956 2.10.2009    
Unterladen SelSim - select similar objects (type+layer), across layouts (LSP for AutoCAD, by A.Wuellner, M.Perry) 1476 22.9.2014    
Unterladen ShortPath - shortest path connecting points in DWG, travelling salesman problem, orig. by E.Elpanov 10kB 3.3.2014    
Unterladen Silniční extravilánové podsestavy V1.0.12 pro Civil3D 2017+ (CS+ bonus) Externe 5.4MB 26.1.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Silniční extravilánové podsestavy V1.0.6 pro Civil3D 2016+ (CS+ bonus) Externe 3.2MB 13.10.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Sizer - set window size for AutoCAD drawing document (LISP) 998 20.1.2010    
Unterladen SlopeTick - draw slope tickmarks (batter lines, hatches) between two polylines 15kB 8.10.2011    
Unterladen SlopeV - křivka se segmenty zadanými horizontální délkou a sklonem (úhel,%,‰,1:X) - LISP pro AutoCAD (CS+) Externe 13kB 5.2.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SMove - stretched move, proportionally stretch ref.points of selected objects (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 18kB 31.8.2015    
Unterladen Sol2Face - converts 2D Solids to 3D Faces or PFace (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11960 23.2.2009    
Unterladen Sol2Mesh and Sol2Faces - convert 3DSolids to 3DMeshes or 3DFaces (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 2011/2012) 13kB 12.11.2011    
Unterladen Sp2Pl - converts selected splines to polylines (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 2011+) 12kB 24.2.2012    
Unterladen SPath - find shortest path between two points on a network (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 17kB 30.6.2015    
Unterladen Speak - talking AutoCAD, speaks layer list, command reactor, say, etc. (source code on request) 2712 8.6.2011    
Unterladen SphereProj - project 2D curve(s) to a sphere (freeware VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 14kB 9.12.2012    
Unterladen SphereUnf - unfold a 3D sphere to 2D peels, petals; ConeUnf - unfold 3D cone (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 14kB 7.9.2011    
Unterladen srxTEXT - search and replace AutoCAD drawing texts using regular expressions, supports batch scripts, table replacements, numeric intervals (trial) 25kB 17.7.2015 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen SSX - modified Express Tool "SSX" - select objects across layouts, copy to Express folder (LSP for AutoCAD) 8780 20.9.2014    
Unterladen STLin - import ASCII STL files (3D models) into AutoCAD (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 13.2.2017    
Unterladen SumaPloch - summarizes areas of selected objects, adds area label (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 1.10.2010    
Unterladen swLayouts - switch AutoCAD layouts using CTRL keys (VBA) Externe 5kB 22.3.2001    
Unterladen SysVarLock - protects (watches) defined AutoCAD system variables from assigning defined values 12kB 22.7.2011    
Unterladen Tab2XLS - copy AutoCAD TABLE to Excel with a single click, saves table to CSV or tab delimited TXT (VLX Lisp) 11kB 8.3.2012    
Unterladen TabDeStyle - strip formatting/style from Excel-pasted tables (VLX LISP for AutoCAD, CS+/VIP) Externe 14kB 17.12.2013    
Unterladen TabReStyle - resets cell style in selected table objects (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 14.6.2011    
Unterladen TCE - Table Cell Edit - edit block directly from table cells (VLX, ACAD2006+) 2kB 18.10.2007    
Unterladen Text2Elev.LSP - move text entities to the elevation (Z) corresponding to their text string 1592 17.7.2006 Weitere Information  
Unterladen TextFreq - frequency analysis of drawing text occurrences, highlight duplicates (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 7.2.2011    
Unterladen TIMER - displays exec time for all AutoCAD commands (R13c4) 62kB    
Unterladen TIMER - displays exec time for all AutoCAD commands (R14) 62kB    
Unterladen Tisk_nahledu_WMF_A2K4 - makes WMF previews from a batch of DWG files J.Kubeczka 236kB 14.10.2004    
Unterladen TMaskOn/TMaskOff - switch MText masks on or off globally (LSP for AutoCAD) 1172 25.1.2011    
Unterladen TotalLayouts reactor for "Page X of Y" fields (LSP for AutoCAD) 264 15.11.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen TraceCurve - creates traced points in given distances along a curve (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 15kB 15.12.2014    
Unterladen TRANS - easy translation of AutoCAD drawing texts - either manual, Trados-assisted (translation memory), or automatic via Google Translate or Bing Translator - gTrans/bTrans (limited free version) 32kB 18.3.2014 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen Triangle - construct triangular polylines defined by sides and angles, optional labels (VLX for AutoCAD) 15kB 5.5.2010    
Unterladen TrueGear - draw standard involute gear profiles (LSP, evolventa) Eugeny Kalney 39kB 2.10.2005    
Unterladen TURBO toggle - switch AutoCAD to faster mode by setting all relevant variables (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 2007-2017) 14kB 26.4.2016    
Unterladen TwittControl - uses ACADtweet to submit AutoCAD commands remotely via your Twitter channel (AutoLISP) 2459 4.12.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Twitter for AutoCAD - send tweets (statuses) directly from AutoCAD command line (VLX Lisp) - no longer supported - see ACADtweet 3239 28.8.2009    
Unterladen Txt2Face - converts TTF texts to faces/meshes (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 2000-2015) 13kB 29.8.2014    
Unterladen Txt2XLS - export selected drawing texts to Excel (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 15kB 23.6.2016    
Unterladen TxtOverlap - find, mark and traverse overlapped texts in the drawing (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 23.9.2013    
Unterladen Undef2 - undefine (deny) specified AutoCAD commands, list stored in Registry (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 15kB 23.2.2016    
Unterladen UniScale - change the "Scale uniformly" flag on/off for all blocks (LSP for AutoCAD) 581 25.4.2014    
Unterladen UnitsConversion - online physical units conversion palette in AutoCAD 2016/2015/2014 1.2MB 20.3.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen VerticesBlk - insert block at each line or polyline vertex (also 3D; and optionally in arc midpoints, or only endpoints) 14kB 26.10.2011    
Unterladen View11 - zoom modelspace objects on your monitor to physical 1:1 size in mm 13.5kB 31.8.2012    
Unterladen ViewText - align texts to the current 3D view, make them readable (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 18.3.2015    
Unterladen VojPer.LSP - vojenská perspektiva (military projection) - 3D proj. pro AutoCAD 2796 21.9.2007    
Unterladen VPFL command - freeze VP layer by picking an object (LSP) 452 12.9.2007    
Unterladen VTXdist - add polyline vertices in intervals (divide/measure), VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 1268 8.11.2014    
Unterladen WBlockAll and WBlock2 commands - exports all drawing blocks to individual DWG files (WBlock All) 13kB 11.8.2011    
Unterladen WPS - select objects inside a picked polyline or circle (LISP, AutoCAD) 1142 8.6.2015    
Unterladen Wrapper - obalí výkresové objekty obalovou křivkou (LISP, VIP/CS+) Externe 17.8kB 9.6.2011    
Unterladen XAttachP - attach xref from specified path (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 9.7.2015    
Unterladen xCurve - export XY vertices from curves, one curve per line (VLX for AutoCAD) 13kB 15.12.2010    
Unterladen XOffset - multiple offset inwards/outwards/symmetric, sel.layer (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 14kB 9.1.2012    
Unterladen XpDeep - explodes a block including deep nested blocks (LSP; CS+) Externe 440 16.7.2013    
Unterladen XSAVE - saves R14-format copy while saving A2000 drawing (LISP reactor) (J.Bastecky) 1kB    
Unterladen AlignProfileStaInc report - průběh trasy a nivelety pro Civil 3D 2008 (CZ) 58kB 31.10.2007 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio Civil Tools (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 32/64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 294kB 8.1.2013 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Civil Tools (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 295kB 6.1.2014 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Civil Tools 2015 1.1 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 433kB 4.2.2015 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Civil Tools 2016 1.2 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 3.7MB 13.7.2015 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Civil Tools 2017 1.2 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) Externe 1MB 5.10.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen GeoSondy - ukázková data k tipu (DTM z dat vrtů) - Civil 3D 2008 (CZ) 2.3MB 1.2.2008 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Hypsometrie-Transfer - přenos nastavení analýzy modelu pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 1.5MB 2.1.2008 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Podsestava Civil3D - NapojeníŠířkaNaPovrch (PKT pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013) 12.6kB 25.10.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Popis souřadnic (křížky) pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 (CZ) 8923 20.12.2007 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Profile points report - rozdíly mezi stávajícím profilem a navrženou niveletou pro Civil 3D 2008 (CZ) 96kB 26.10.2007 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Sklonovnik - sklonovníky (příčné sklony) pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 (CZ) 58kB 26.10.2007 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Sklonovnik2 - sklonovníky (sklonové poměry podélného profilu) pro AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 (CZ) 257kB 3.12.2007 Weitere Information  
Unterladen StyleList - list and compare styles in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 (.Net DLL) 6213 1.2.2012    
Unterladen SurfaceElevation - import/export nastavení analýzy modelu (hypsometrie) pro Civil3D 2010/2009 (CZ) 9731 11.11.2009    
Unterladen SurfacePoints - create points on surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D (VLX for Civil) 11kB 21.4.2015    
Unterladen WGS-JTSK - batch convert GPS coordinates to S-JTSK format (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD Map/Civil) 10kB 25.11.2013    
Unterladen Image2Model - convert raster image to array of holes in Fusion 360 10kB 15.12.2016    
Unterladen ImportSplineCSVg/ImportSplineCSVm/ImportPointsCSV - import XY(Z) points from Excel to spline or points in Fusion 360 (Script) 8kB 8.10.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen RenameComp - rename Fusion 360 components, bodies and sketches using regular expressions 137kB 22.12.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Anaglyph - generate 3D stereograms, anaglyphs (red-cyan pictures) of Inventor 3D models (.NET for Inventor 2013+) 2.5MB 22.3.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Assembly Mirror for Inventor (Inventor Tools) - CADstudio's add-on for mirroring assemblies in Inventor R6 290kB 22.9.2003 Weitere Information  
Unterladen AssemblySearch (beta) - vyhledávání součástí v sestavě Inventoru 2017 (CS+) Externe 238kB 9.9.2016    
Unterladen BoreImage - convert a raster image to an array of bored holes in sheet metal for Inventor 105kB 14.12.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio DxfOut for Inventor 2014 - DXF export of sheetmetal parts in a specified format on a single click (CS+) Externe 615kB 31.1.2014    
Unterladen COG - center of gravity for Inventor drawing views (těžiště do výkresů) 1875 2.10.2007    
Unterladen CreateInterference - builds interference solid of colliding parts in an Inventor assembly (VBA macro) 43520 29.11.2011    
Unterladen DisplayNameEditor - nastavování zobrazovaného názvu komponenty Inventoru 2013 (např. při automatickém číslování Vaultem), Helpdesk CS+ Externe 19kB 8.1.2013    
Unterladen Export3Dsketch - exports coordinates of an Inventor 3D sketch into a CSV file (VBA macro) 31kB 27.6.2013    
Unterladen FeatureRename - rename Inventor features by geometrical properties (Inventor 2010/2009, 32/64-bit), by Allen Gager 2.5MB 14.11.2009 Weitere Information  
Unterladen iBatchPrint - batch print Autodesk Inventor files (C.Bliss) Externe 85kB 20.8.2002    
Unterladen iLogic rule - COGs as workpoints for all assembly parts (CS+) Externe 1kB 15.1.2014    
Unterladen ImportCoord - reads Excel coordinates into Inventor as sketch splines, 3D splines or named 3D workpoints (Inventor 5/6/7/8/9/10/20xx, VBA by CAD Studio) 158kB 17.4.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Inventor Profile Launcher - starts Inventor with preset add-ons (CS+ bonus tool, VIP) Externe 315kB 1.6.2016    
Unterladen ListInspection VBA macro - make a report of all inspection dimensions in your Inventor 2010-2016 drawing 10kB 3.1.2012    
Unterladen PrintSheets - VBA makro pro tisk vybraných listů výkresu Inventoru (VIP/CS+) Externe 13.5kB 5.4.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen ProtokolSoučásti - Inventor makro pro automaticky (z iVlastností) generovaný dokument protokolu součásti (CS+) Externe 29kB 20.11.2015    
Unterladen RollerChain - creates 3D roller chain models in Inventor (by Lian Xie) 49kB 8.7.2008    
Unterladen SplitDrawing - Inventor VBA macro splits a multiple sheet drawing to individual drawings (IDW/DWG) 31kB 15.3.2011    
Unterladen SumUnfoldEdges - Inventor makro pro iVlastnosti s délkou vnějších a vnitřních hran rozvinu plechu (CS+) Externe 96kB 19.11.2015    
Unterladen Užitečné fragmenty kódu iLogic (macro snippets) pro Inventor (VIP/CS+) Externe 273kB 16.8.2012    
Unterladen VirtualParts - insert virtual parts from Excel into Inventor assemblies (iLogic) 8.6kB 14.12.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools - CADstudio Inventor Tools (automatické vlastnosti, rozvin plechu, automatické QR kódy, makra řízená událostmi, atd.) pro Inventor 2011, 32-bit (CS+) Externe 770kB 14.2.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools - CADstudio Inventor Tools (automatické vlastnosti, rozvin plechu, automatické QR kódy, makra řízená událostmi, atd.) pro Inventor 2011, 64-bit (CS+) Externe 770kB 14.2.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools LT - CADstudio Inventor Tools, free limited version for Inventor 2013 and 2014 Externe 4MB 16.4.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools LT V2.5 - CADstudio Inventor Tools, free limited version for Inventor 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Externe 4.8MB 22.3.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools V2.4 - CADstudio Inventor Tools (automatické vlastnosti, rozvin plechu, automatické QR kódy, makra řízená událostmi, atd.) CZ/EN, pro Inventor 2015/2014, 32-bit (CS+) Externe 4.5MB 31.3.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools V2.4 - CADstudio Inventor Tools (automatické vlastnosti, rozvin plechu, automatické QR kódy, makra řízená událostmi, atd.) CZ/EN, pro Inventor 2015/2014, 64-bit (CS+) Externe 4.5MB 31.3.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen X-Tools V2.6 - CADstudio Inventor Tools (automatické vlastnosti, rozvin plechu, automatické QR kódy, makra řízená událostmi, iLogic, kontroly atd.) CZ/EN, pro Inventor 2015-2018, 64-bit (CS+) Externe 5.9MB 28.3.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio PID Tools 2016 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD P&ID 2016 (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 7.8MB 18.8.2015 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio PID Tools 2017 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD P&ID 2017 (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 412kB 31.10.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Plant Tools 2014 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 32/64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 309kB 22.4.2014 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Plant Tools 2016 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016 (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 7.7MB 18.8.2015 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Plant Tools 2017 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro AutoCAD Plant 3D 2017 (zdarma pro zákazníky; CZ/EN) 424kB 31.10.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Legenda Podlah - "CS+" utilita pro generování legendy podlah v Revit 2012 (postup viz video - INFO) 103kB 16.11.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio Mazání Materiálů - vyčištění duplicitních materiálů pro Revit 2015 (CS+) Externe 92kB 30.1.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Revit Architecture 2012 a Revit MEP 2012 32/64bit (zdarma pro zákazníky) 786kB 6.8.2012 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools 2013 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Revit Architecture a Revit MEP 2013 32/64bit, vč. Anaglyph, JobTime (zdarma pro zákazníky, CZ/EN) 2.6MB 1.9.2013 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools 2014 (trial) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Revit Architecture a Revit MEP 2014 32/64bit, vč. Anaglyph, JobTime (zdarma pro zákazníky, CZ/EN) 1.8MB 1.9.2013 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools 2015 V2.0 (trial/update) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Revit Architecture a Revit MEP 2015 64bit, vč. Anaglyph, JobTime, BIM catalog (zdarma pro zákazníky, CZ/EN) 1.8MB 25.1.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools 2016 V2.1 (trial/update) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Revit Architecture a Revit MEP 2016 64bit, vč. JobTime, BIM catalog, kóty, výkazy (zdarma pro zákazníky, CZ/EN) 2.9MB 17.2.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools 2017 (trial/update) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Revit 2017, vč. JobTime, BIM catalog, kóty, výkazy, filtry, potrubí (zdarma pro zákazníky, CZ) 2.6MB 1.11.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen CADstudio Revit Tools 2017 EN (trial/update) - add-on tools for Autodesk Revit 2017, incl. JobTime, BIM catalog, dimensions, schedules 2.6MB 1.11.2016 Weitere Information Kaufen
Unterladen FindReplace - text replace utility for Revit 2008 (EN+CZ, WATG) 8.9kB 14.5.2007    
Unterladen FindReplace - text replace utility for Revit 2009 (EN+CZ, WATG) 9.8kB 18.7.2008    
Unterladen FindReplace - text replace utility for Revit 2010 (EN+CZ, WATG) 12kB 18.4.2009    
Unterladen FindReplace - text replace utility for Revit 8.1 (EN+CZ) 8.8kB 12.12.2005    
Unterladen FindReplace - text replace utility for Revit 9 (EN+CZ, WATG) 8.4kB 24.5.2006    
Unterladen GetLevel - Revit 2008 addon utility - shows all elements associated with a level (S.Faust) 8582 9.1.2008    
Unterladen Podlahová plocha (v1.2.1) - výpočet plochy s nikami - .DYN pro Dynamo Player 30kB 3.1.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Revit-Hrabí - popiska struktury podlahy pro Revit, DEMO (2011 CZ, pro šablonu Xanadu/CAD Studio), V0.4 {zastaralé - viz aplikace "CADstudio Revit Tools"} 297kB 11.1.2011    
Unterladen CADstudio VaultTools 1.2.6 (2015) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Autodesk Vault Professional a Workgroup (zdarma pro zákazníky; Helpdesk/VIP) Externe 1.4MB 19.1.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio VaultTools 1.2.7 (2016) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Autodesk Vault Professional a Workgroup (zdarma pro zákazníky; Helpdesk/VIP) Externe 3.1MB 3.7.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio VaultTools 2017 CZ (22.1) - bonus nástroje CS+ pro Autodesk Vault Professional a Workgroup (zdarma pro zákazníky; Helpdesk/VIP) Externe 6.6MB 24.10.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CAD standardy v1.5 - freeware nadstavba AutoCADu, J.Remeš (CZ-česky) Externe 2.9MB 18.10.2009 Weitere Information  
Unterladen GGmenu v1.99 - stavařská nadstavba AutoCADu, freeware J.Remeš (CZ-česky) Externe 15.9MB 18.10.2009 Weitere Information  
Unterladen GGmenu v1.99+ribbon - stavařská nadstavba AutoCADu, freeware J.Remeš, automatická instalace A2011/2010, ribbon ovládání, beta (CZ-česky) Externe 8.8MB 6.2.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Projekt JR - vzorový projekt - ukázková skladba projektu (J.Remeš) Externe 8.7MB 18.10.2009 Weitere Information  
Other Goodies
Unterladen ACAD.SXP definition file for StrokeIt - gesture control for AutoCAD and other applications (see CAD Forum Tips for more information) 588 9.5.2003    
Unterladen ACAD.SXP definition file for StrokeIt - gesture control for AutoCAD and other applications by J.Remeš (see CAD Forum Tips for more information) 241.9kB 21.6.2005    
Unterladen AcadCalc 2 - interactive calculator for AutoCAD 2004/2005 (distances, arrays, triangles, ft/in/mm...) Externe 384kB 10.12.2003    
Unterladen Additional .LIN linetypes for AutoCAD and LT, complex linetypes (linetype library; CZ typy čar, čiary) - UPD, STN, ZMZ, geo, map, ... FIXED (.LIN+.SHX) 115kB 1.12.2016    
Unterladen Additional free .PAT hatch patterns (šrafy) for AutoCAD and LT (stone, wood, parquet, random...) 12kB 2.2.2004    
Unterladen Additional free .PAT hatch patterns (šrafy) for AutoCAD and LT (stone, wood, roof, landscape, hydroisol...), Trebulka 552kB 15.7.2014    
Unterladen Aplikace pro Revit, doma i v zahraničí (materiály z přednášky na BIM-Fórum 2013) 4.1MB 30.1.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen ARCHS.SHX - architectural hand-drawn SHX font for AutoCAD (uppercase/lowercase) 4004 25.1.2008    
Unterladen ARIAL alternative - ROMANM2.SHX font based on RomanD outline font (by T.Irwin) 53kB 6.9.2005    
Unterladen ARIAL.SHX - shx version of the Arial font (outline) 8.9kB 22.7.2005    
Unterladen ARX7.SHX - RoadPac shape file 728 22.1.2008 Weitere Information  
Unterladen AutoCAD LT menu add-ons    
Unterladen Barcode LISP utility - draws barcode as AutoCAD entities 3.8kB 2.8.1999    
Unterladen BB - hromadné nastavení vlastností entit ve stávajících blocích (např. změna barvy či typu čar na DleHlad/DleBlok), B.LSP, P.Štyl 28kB 27.3.2011    
Unterladen Benchmark for AutoCAD R12cz    
Unterladen Benjamin Moore Color Books for AutoCAD (ACB) 75kB 5.4.2012    
Unterladen BetterWMF 2010 [6.0] (AutoCAD 2007-2010 and LT -WMF+clipboard enhancements), by Furix Externe 817kB 1.4.2009    
Unterladen BetterWMF 4.02 (AutoCAD R14-2006 + LT -WMF+clipboard enhancements), by Furix Externe 434kB 2.11.2005    
Unterladen BL0 and BL00 command - redefines blocks to layer 0 (e.g. for recolor) 1kB 8.6.2007    
Unterladen Braille TrueType font (TTF) - e.g. for 3D CAD 10kB 8.1.2010    
Unterladen Bubble for AutoCAD v2.94 - dynamically displays drawing entity properties - in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Czech (R14, 2000/i/2002, 2004/2005/2006, 2007/2008/2009 + LT + ADT + Map) 10MB 19.5.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen BUDWEISER.DWG (all versions in ZIP) - test DWG compatibility (benchmark DWG, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2013 formats) 2.1MB 5.4.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen BUDWEISER.DWG (V1) - test DWG compatibility (benchmark DWG) [in the download window use right-click SaveAs to download] 233kB 21.12.2001 Weitere Information  
Unterladen BUDWEISER2008.DWG (V2008) - test DWG compatibility (benchmark DWG, pwd=budweiser) [in the download window use right-click SaveAs to download] 230kB 6.8.2007 Weitere Information  
Unterladen BUDWEISER2010.DWG (V2010) - test DWG compatibility (benchmark DWG) [in the download window use right-click SaveAs to download] 797kB 22.7.2009 Weitere Information  
Unterladen BUDWEISER2013.DWG (V2013) - test DWG compatibility (benchmark DWG) [in the download window use right-click SaveAs to download] 610kB 5.4.2012 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CAD Studio - 2012 calendar - A1-size car poster (plakát, kalendář 2012) 2.6MB 16.12.2011    
Unterladen CAD Studio - 3D kalendář a PF na rok 2011 (PDF, CZ) 658kB 15.12.2010    
Unterladen CAD Studio - Autodesk Inventor A1-size poster (plakát, důlní stroj 2011) 850kB 20.10.2011    
Unterladen CAD Studio kalendář na rok 2014 (PDF, A2/A1, CZ) 3MB 9.12.2013    
Unterladen CAD Studio kalendář na rok 2015 (PDF, A2/A3, CZ) 1.5MB 10.12.2014    
Unterladen Cadalyst Benchmark Test C2015 - performance test for AutoCAD 2000-2015 Externe 8.3MB 28.5.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADstudio-PLT-test - sample HPGL2 file to test plot on HP Designjet plotters (COPY /B) 4913 6.5.2010    
Unterladen CADVault 6 Runtime - free object enabler for CADVault (32-bit) - AutoCAD 2015-2000 and LT (by CADLock) Externe 2MB 19.10.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADVault 6 Runtime - free object enabler for CADVault (64-bit) - AutoCAD 2015-2000 and LT (by CADLock) Externe 3.9MB 19.10.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CADVault Runtime - free object enabler for CADVault - AutoCAD 2009-2000 (by CADLock) Externe 1.1MB 20.4.2009 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CALENDAR - draws a calendar in AutoCAD (.LSP) 6kB 1.2.1998    
Unterladen CISTEXT command - clean text from overlapping lines    
Unterladen CIVIL.SHX - Civil 3D CZ Country kit shape file 3672 10.3.2008    
Unterladen CSHatch - 64 new .PAT hatch patterns (šrafy) for AutoCAD (free) (by C.Sweeney) 137kB 4.1.2001    
Unterladen CUI to MNU - converts a .CUI file back to the .MNS format (check the result manually) 13kB 1.3.2007    
Unterladen CxDocBar - visually switch between multiple open drawings (A2000/2000i) 33kB 5.1.2001    
Unterladen DIMARC command (DIMARC.LSP) - dimensions an arc (length, not angle) 670B 28.5.2005    
Unterladen DLINE command - double line for AutoCAD, incl. arcs (LSP) 16kB 5.10.2000    
Unterladen Dopravní značení - plakát A3 k aplikaci DZ 3.1 - dopravní značky dle 294/2015 a 84/2016 (PDF) 1.9MB 10.5.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DOSlib - LISP library with system functions (DOS/Windows), files, folders, drives, interface (for AutoCAD R12-2007) Externe 810kB 8.10.2005    
Unterladen Dunn Edwards color book (perfect palette) for AutoCAD (ACB) Externe 92kB 2.5.2013    
Unterladen DWGVER - show AutoCAD version of DWG file (in LSP)    
Unterladen FIXBLOCK redefines blocks to layer 0, color byblock, ltscale 1.0 entities (by Manusoft) 997 1.8.2012    
Unterladen FLATTEN command - quick and dirty flattener (moves all entities to Z=0) 27.4.2000    
Unterladen FTEXT3, ZOOMTXT command - zooms to a searched text, optional text replace (LSP) 5kB 2.6.2004    
Unterladen GENLTSHP.SHX - this symbol font may be missing for your DWG 50 1.1.2004    
Unterladen GEODLIN.SHX - Civil 3D CZ Country kit geodetic shape file 8116 20.7.2008    
Unterladen Govert´s Drop & Print - simply drop your .PLT file to your printer/plotter to print it (simple GoPlot) Externe 198kB 1.2.2007    
Unterladen Govert´s GoPlot Classic - plot your .PLT files (joblists, copies, etc.) Externe 256kB 18.6.2008    
Unterladen Govert´s GoPlot Plus - plot your .PLT files (joblists, copies, spoolname, multiroll, job banners, Oce/RCF support, PJL, etc.) Externe 351kB 13.7.2012    
Unterladen Hatch Pattern viewer OCX module (.PAT file preview) 23.5kB 17.6.2003    
Unterladen Hatch patterns - diamond (.PAT; CS+) Externe 1522 4.8.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Hebrew shx fonts for AutoCAD (Hebrew.shx, Hebtxt.shx, Htxt.shx, Michal.shx, Miry.shx, Sivan.shx ...) 31k 1.7.2004    
Unterladen iMike - a configurable 3D model of a man for Inventor (M.V.Ficarra) Externe 3MB 1.8.2003 Weitere Information  
Unterladen IMPLODE command - reverse EXPLODE, groups objects    
Unterladen IRREG command - draw irregular lines    
Unterladen ISO-LIN - metrické typy čar ISO/ČSN 1:1 pro AutoCAD a LT, komplexní typy čar dle ČSN 01 3411 - linetype library .LIN (Ivo Klepárník) 912kB 21.10.2016    
Unterladen KILLDOTS command - clean null lines, arcs and 'space' (whitespace only) text (R12-2005) 1.1kB 2.6.2004    
Unterladen KWiKViews - switch Inventor 3D views quickly - for Inventor 6/7 (by Kent Keller) Externe 436kB 10.6.2003 Weitere Information  
Unterladen LCD fonts - free segmented TrueType fonts (TTF) for CAD design and technical documentation 41kB 13.7.2010    
Unterladen Logo CAD Studio - company logo in multiple formats (PNG, EPS, WMF, PDF) 90kB 1.11.2015 Weitere Information  
Unterladen LP_Linetypes - complex linetypes for AutoCAD and LT (.LIN+.SHX, by Lineplan knihovna/typy čar/library)) 33kB 15.8.2008    
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2006 (PDF příručka, česky) 2MB 25.8.2005    
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2007 (PDF příručka, česky) 1.7MB 16.8.2006    
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2008 (PDF příručka, česky) 6MB 10.8.2007    
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2012 (PDF příručka, anglicky) Externe 4.4MB 11.5.2011    
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2013 (PDF příručka, anglicky) 2.1MB 27.3.2012    
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2014 (PDF příručka, anglicky) 2.5MB 15.5.2013 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2015 (PDF příručka, anglicky) 5.6MB 16.5.2014 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2016 (PDF příručka, anglicky) Externe 7.9MB 8.7.2015    
Unterladen M2S command - solidifies any 3D Mesh 18.5.2000    
Unterladen Non-RectangularViewports.DWT - a template file allowing to use non-rectangular viewports in AutoCAD LT 2000x (see 67kB 23.9.2003    
Unterladen OSIfont - free technical TrueType font (TTF) for european CAD projects (see also ISOCPEUR) Externe 38kB 31.5.2012    
Unterladen Polypropylen water pipe library for Inventor (.idcl, 2017) 2.2MB 15.12.2016    
Unterladen RASTER.DWT - a template file allowing to insert raster images into AutoCAD LT (see 28kB 13.12.1999    
Unterladen Resene Color Books for AutoCAD (ACB) - COLORSTEEL Roof Colours plus other palettes Externe 9591 18.8.2008 Weitere Information  
Unterladen RNL command - batch-rename layers (and layer colors), driven by a table 844 9.6.1998    
Unterladen Rubik's cube model for Inventor 9 - manipulate using drive_me constraints, use Contact solver; see CAD Tips (Sonja Ahrens) 2.19MB 18.10.2004 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Sample 3D PDF output from Autodesk Inventor via Share3D 1.6MB 1.9.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Sample 3D PDF output from Inventor Publisher - Parker Service Manual 3.4MB 1.6.2011 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SAVLAY command - save/restore layers    
Unterladen Sherwin-Williams AutoCAD Color Book (ACB color collection) Externe 228kB 18.8.2008    
Unterladen SHOLAYER command - show layer contents (entities) 450B 1.3.2004    
Unterladen Sketch++ (SKPP) - freehand and spray painting in AutoCAD (2000/i/2002/2004) and ADT, no more free Externe 9kB 23.5.2002 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SOLAR.DWG - demonstrates AutoCAD DWG high precision 10kB 27.2.2001 Weitere Information  
Unterladen SPIRAL and 3DSPIRAL and SOL_SPRING commands - drawing spirals and springs in 2D and 3D (spiral.lsp, sol_spring.lsp) 3.6kB 26.1.2004    
Unterladen Standard Browser for Inventor style library 180kB 22.11.2004    
Unterladen StavebněCADovská přikázání (CZ) - 28 dobrých rad, kterými by se říditi měl každý stavař, tovaryš i mistr cechu CAD - desatero; PDF tisk na A3/A4 (PepaR + kol.) 141kB 6.11.2008 Weitere Information  
Unterladen T2M.LSP - convert individual Text/DText objects to individual MTexts 848 8.10.2004    
Unterladen TBRCALC - interactive dialog-based scientific calculator for AutoCAD    
Unterladen TeamViewer QuickJoin v12 - klientská aplikace pro připojení na webináře firmy CAD Studio 7.1MB 12.12.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen TeamViewer QuickSupport v12 - aplikace pro dočasné vzdálené zpřístupnění plochy Vašeho počítače pro pracovníky technické podpory CAD Studia (též 5.5MB 12.12.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen UNICODES.DWG - table of frequently used unicode characters 72kB 12.3.2002    
Unterladen V command - dynamic ZOOM from keyboard    
Unterladen VBA Macro Recorder - simple macro recorder for AutoCAD (free utility by Joe Sutphin) 38kB 10.2.2006    
Unterladen Výběr map pro Google Earth (KMZ) - různé mapové zdroje (CS+, Helpdesk) Externe 4kB 14.9.2010 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Výuka Inventoru (Inventor tutorial - CZ) off-line Externe 22MB 1.8.2001 Weitere Information  
Unterladen XANADU - Autodesk Inventor A1-size poster (plakát, koláž 2004) 2.3MB 19.4.2004    
Unterladen Xanadu company screen background bitmap (set up for tiling) 19kB 1.11.2002    
Unterladen XANADU's test DWF - sample markup file from Autodesk DWF Composer 2 (Design Review) 17kB 26.10.2005 Weitere Information  
Unterladen XGL Viewer - free 3D viewer for XGL and ZGL files (OpenGL data), EXE + source code 553kB 2.9.2009    
Unterladen ZSurf - converts bitmaps to 3D NURBS surfaces 1.8MB 17.6.2010    
Unterladen IDWviewer - viewer for Inventor R3 IDW files 53kB 27.8.2000    
Tools (standalone, Autodesk)
Unterladen ACAD Color RGB-ACI convertor (EXE) 7kB 26.9.2002    
Unterladen Autodesk ReMake (formerly Memento) v117.25.67 - digitize to 3D models, mesh editor/fixer - Free/Trial version, MacOS (only till 31.3.2017) Externe 200MB 15.12.2016 Weitere Information  
Unterladen Autodesk ReMake (formerly Memento) v17.25.1.8 - digitize to 3D models, mesh editor/fixer - Free/Trial version, Win 64-bit Externe 266MB 10.3.2017 Weitere Information  
Unterladen CTB and STB printing tool (CTB/STB-->Text) for AutoCAD 2007 Externe 77kB 20.9.2006 Weitere Information  
Unterladen DeSlide - explodes Slide library (SLB) 7kB 18.5.1991    
Unterladen Diagnostický nástroj pro login na web služby Autodesk 360 (CS+) Externe 170kB 30.8.2014    
Unterladen MDI Drawing Tabs - Autodesk bonus tool for AutoCAD 2007, 2008 and 2009 (switch DWG files) Externe 61kB 5.12.2006 Weitere Information  
Unterladen MDI Drawing Tabs - Autodesk bonus tool for AutoCAD 2012, 2011, 2010 and older, 32/64-bit (switch DWG files) Externe 106kB 24.4.2010 Weitere Information  
Unterladen ModifyDWGcp (codepage_tool) - standalone DOS utility - changes the DWGCODEPAGE setting in DWG drawings (see also WNEWCP) Externe 158kB 30.9.2006 Weitere Information  
Unterladen PROTECT.EXE - protects your AutoLISP programs    
Unterladen Slide Manager - explodes/compiles SLB libraries    
Unterladen Slide to DXF convertor (SLD2DXF, standalone .EXE) 19kB 5.6.2002    
Unterladen WNEWCP - fixes codepage in DWG (DWGCODEPAGE) 100kB 9.11.1997    

Weitere Dateien finden Sie auch unter CAD Studio Helpdesk.