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Téma uzavřenoSP2 pro 3ds Max 2017

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Vladimír Michl Zobrazit panel
CAD Studio a.s.

Přihlášen: 09.zář.2004
Lokalita: ČR (JČ)
Dodáváme produkty Autodesk
Stav: Offline
Bodů: 17577
Přímý odkaz na tuto zprávu Téma: SP2 pro 3ds Max 2017
    Zasláno: 26.čvc.2016 v 15:02
Byl uvolněn kumulativní Service Pack 2 pro Autodesk 3ds Max 2017. Ke stažení na stránce Download, viz též http://www.cadforum.cz/cadforum/produkty.asp?prod=3ds+Max
Přehled oprav v SP2:


MAXX-29664Animation Trajectory doesn't render until you re-select an objectAnimation
MAXX-30460Bones animated using a HI IK Solver do not animate correctly after goal keyframe changesAnimation
MAXX-30614Customer Error Report: "Compute Mixdown" in the mixer is causing a program errorAnimation
MAXX-28653Turning on Biped "Figure Mode" can cause program errorsAnimation
MAXX-27048Unlocalize some strings and tooltips under "MassFX" tab in "Command Panel".Animation MassFX
MAXX-30652pb1/pb2 parameters with TYPE_WORLD are not rescaled on load if object in a CACore
MAXX-29639Adding a 3rd party plugin path isn't saved properly when running 3ds Max 2017 in FrenchCore
MAXX-30316Slow node creation / modifier application in complex sceneCore
MAXX-30213Add methods for controlling logging level via maxscriptCore
MAXX-28535Customer Error Report: Program error when deleting coincident geometryCore
MAXX-30753Customer Error Report: Program error on startup due to poor debug outputCore
MAXX-29238MaxPlus fail on set useshaderfxCore MaxPlus
MAXX-31355getInterfaces does not return all class static interfacesCore MAXScript
MAXX-31353runtime exceptions can lose their descriptionsCore MAXScript
MAXX-30761gw.text text color not working correctlyCore MAXScript
MAXX-30726sysinfo.MAXpriority enum values incompleteCore MAXScript
MAXX-30697ValueHolderMember::set_value needs to protect its argCore MAXScript
MAXX-29644MaxScript: Extended Standard material doesn't support Show Realistic optionCore MAXScript
MAXX-29598Maxscript Editor window scroll position after search is broken.Core MAXScript
MAXX-26572Save Selected (saveNodes) call using Maxscript on some custom rigs causes 3dsmax to hang indefinitelyCore MAXScript
MAXX-31204Program error with Qt ParamBlock UICore SDK
MAXX-29936MotionBuilder FBX skeleton with SphericXYZ Rotation, Import result in 3ds Max is incorrectFileIO
MAXX-29400FBX presets not savingFileIO
MAXX-31608File I/O - running 3 instances of max will have the 3rd to a program error on file openFileIO
MAXX-28179Revit FBX geometry scale import issue.FileIO
MAXX-30891Error message when trying to save rendered image to protected location does not respect silent modeFileIO
MAXX-30665Customer Error Report: Program error on file load with second session when file accesses Autodesk Materials.Materials Material Editors
MAXX-29950Customer Error Report: Program error applying specific Blend material setup to objectModeling
MAXX-29758Typo in ShapeMap and TextMap .manualHeight AliasModeling
MAXX-30285Point To Point selection is selecting a wrong polygon loops.Modeling
MAXX-302653D snap isn't snapping to vertices on the same shape when Start New Shape parameter is uncheckedModeling
MAXX-30944Tension engine doesn't work with Poly Mesh representations of Cone and Cylinder objectsModeling
MAXX-31001Alembic export does not follow naming spec conventionModeling
MAXX-30826Snap not working with Editable PolyModeling
MAXX-29878Edge loop - Selection with Shift creates unpredictable results.Modeling Improvements
MAXX-29604Slices on cylinders and cones are badly converted to Editable PolyModeling Modifiers
MAXX-30886Missing some modifiers on groupsModeling Modifiers
MAXX-30635UVW Unwrap - Flatten mapping spinners do not workModeling UVW
MAXX-29596Internal gammaMgr defaults are incorrectRendering
MAXX-30947Viewport errors reopening legacy files saved with 3ds Max 2017 SP1Rendering
MAXX-30811Physical Sky not visible in ViewportRendering
MAXX-29379Warning: Expected structure "E" missing from "m" shader declarationRendering
MAXX-29801Scene converterpProgram error when converting certain Autodesk MaterialsScene Converter
MAXX-29649Scene Converter: Replace hardcoded progress display with accurate countScene Converter
MAXX-30326Mental ray custom attributes added to a material even if mray is not presentRendering MentalRay
MAXX-25545Particle Flow stacks on top of each other when reopenedSlate SDK
MAXX-31006Add responsive UI for Stingray DX shader material in 3dsmaxStingray Live Link
MAXX-30325Using underlines in TextPlus text causes odd behavior when deleting charactersText tool
MAXX-28792TextPlus doesn't show up in the global searchText tool
MAXX-30754Customer Error Report: Program error on startup with renamed Brush Presets toolbarUI
MAXX-30008Cropped Quick Pelt Dialogue in HDPI UIUI
MAXX-29671Right click does not deactivate spinner up/down arrowsUI
MAXX-30565Viewport Configuration - Display Performance tab has cutoff UI when Windows DPI scaling set to 110%UI
MAXX-30490Sub-Object icons in Modifier Stack do not appear when modifier Off in Renderer is enabledUI
MAXX-30130Blurry icons in Curve editor (and a couple other places)UI
MAXX-30736Changing color swatch in Physical Exposure Control will generate many Undo eventsUI
MAXX-31164Workspace settings revert to Template workspace after closing/re-opening 3ds Max 2017UI
MAXX-31033Add Qt Point2 Spinners to support UI binding to paramblock TYPE_POINT2 parameterUI
MAXX-30839QT Node and Texmap button refresh issuesUI
MAXX-30646QT Spinner used different click and drag cursor than the legacy spinnersUI
MAXX-30641Numerical Expression tool leaves Physical Camera Exposure Control fields whiteUI
MAXX-30655QtParamUIRep SetTooltip implementationUI
MAXX-30029Edit/Editable Poly icon updateUI
MAXX-29994Text in the rendering dialog has a different background colorUI
MAXX-29993Text clipping: Lots of text is clipped when DPI scaling not 100%, 125%, 150% and 200%UI
MAXX-29915Rendering frame - UI disappears on a mouse clickUI
MAXX-29914Track Set : Dialog need to refresh properly when resizedUI
MAXX-29646App button icon is not DPI awareUI
MAXX-29599Spinners in "Physical Camera Exposure Control" not working as expectedUI
MAXX-30522QT Spinners with animated parameters don't return to value after Undo or RedoUI
MAXX-30549Resize modifier stack icons so that they don't overlap background outlineUI
MAXX-30495Sub-Object icons always appear in top modifiers in stack from modifiers/base objectUI
MAXX-30475QT Spinner: Integer spinner for date/time scrolls 1 value past maximum and minimum when draggingUI
MAXX-30476QT Spinner: Some spinners will not work with click drag when starting at default valueUI
MAXX-30474QT Spinner for integers scales up slowly during click & dragUI
MAXX-30513Qt spinner support for Numeric Expression Evaluator (Ctlr+N)UI
MAXX-30516Qt spinner: Display red outline to indicate a keyframe at current frameUI
MAXX-30478QT Spinner: Doesn't use internal step scale during click & dragUI
MAXX-30473Implement a Qt Button TEXMAP type Drag n Drop behaviorUI
MAXX-30519Qt spinner support for wrap cursor near spinnerUI
MAXX-30518Relative offset does not work for Integer Qt Spinners, QmaxSpinBoxUI
MAXX-30496Spline Select missing sub-object icons in Modifier Stack viewUI
MAXX-30453Implement a Qt Button TEXMAP typeUI
MAXX-30357Replace plus/minus bmp in Editable Poly and Edit PolyUI
MAXX-30334Sun Positioner: Some spinners will result in +/- 0.1 value difference than at start of click-drag action instead of exactly where it startedUI
MAXX-30335Sun Positioner: Spinners with keys will register Drag+Right-Click as end of drag and remain at last value in spinner UI.UI
MAXX-30333Sun Positioner: Date & Time rollout spinners don't work with single clicks.UI
MAXX-30343Editable Spline, Edit Spline, Spline Select - Rollout and Modifier Stack iconsUI
MAXX-30306Update UV Editor Loop IconsUI
MAXX-30269Modifier stack sub-object icons scale properly to system DPI scalingUI
MAXX-30268Camera mode cursors match DPI scalingUI
MAXX-30600Modifier stack sub-object icons - Implementation - Edit Normals, Fillet/Chamfer, HSDSUI
MAXX-30603Update Modifier panel icons - HSDS, Hair&FurUI
MAXX-30264Mesh Select icons updateUI
MAXX-30263Poly Select icons updateUI
MAXX-30145Edit Mesh icon updateUI
MAXX-30146Edit Patch icon updateUI
MAXX-30126Make Qt Param wrapper aware of tab paramUI
MAXX-30981Make Spinner.cur DPI awareUI
MAXX-30980Percentage spinners do not display proper scaled valueUI
MAXX-26424Create multiRes icons for biped motion panel - Keyframing Tools, Layers, Copy/Paste, Motion Capture rollupsUI
MAXX-28069Curve Editor / make keyframe handle DPI awareUI
MAXX-30855Update Vertex and Loop/Ring icons in UVUnwrap EditorUI
MAXX-30125Implement Qt Color Button Drag n Drop behaviorUI
MAXX-30472Implement Qt Button TEXMAP type Cut/Copy/Clear/Paste behaviorUI
MAXX-30461Implement Qt Color Button Copy/Paste behaviorUI
MAXX-30828The vertex number doesn't change on the Modifier Command Panel rollup (Vertex XX selected).UI
MAXX-31032Move QMaxRollup.h and QMaxRollupContainer.h to maxsdkUI
MAXX-30982Cursor does not change to arrow over QToolButtonUI
MAXX-31080Biped motion panel: Integrate rollup multi res iconsUI
MAXX-31230Making copy of Physical Camera can cause 3ds Max to a program errorViewports Nitrous
MAXX-29935Cut doesn't work properly on mirrored objectsViewports Nitrous
MAXX-28980Viewport Performance mode with fast shader override improvementViewport Performance Improvement


Upravil Vladimír Michl - 26.čvc.2016 v 15:09
Vladimír Michl (moderátor)
CAD Studio a.s. - www.cadstudio.cz
(podporu najdete na helpdesk.cadstudio.cz)
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