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CAD News - issue #18

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CADforum News #18 - bulletin by CAD Studio

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New CAD tips and tricks

There are already 2,658 CAD tips listed in the CADforum database of tips and tricks for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Vault, Simulation, 3ds Max and other CAD software. Some of the most popular latest CAD tips on

(see )

New CAD and BIM blocks and symbols

You can exchange 2D and 3D CAD blocks and symbols with other users in the CADforum Block library. This free catalog currently contains 10,108 blocks, models, symbols and drawings in the DWG, RFA and IPT file formats. Here are the latest most popular blocks uploaded by people like you:

1.Bathroom Details
DWG, 1.Bathroom Details
toyota tundra
RFA, Toyota Tundra - ...
Dessin9.dwg LTM 1045
DWG, Liebherr crane LTM1045
DWG, Peugeot 307cc
DWG, Whiskey drinks ...

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New CAD and GIS tools

We offer many of our utilities as free or shareware CAD tools for download. Recently released or updated CAD utilities:

  • AddLen - add total length of lines and curves by layers
  • InsertC + BlockC - insert new (or renumber existing) blocks with incrementing numbers in attributes
  • fAREA - creates a dynamic area label (acreage of the selected objects), or length label, or property label
  • GeoCode - forward and reverse geocoding for AutoCAD 2015/2014 maps - point to postal address, address to position
  • TURBO toggle - switch AutoCAD to faster mode by setting all relevant variables
  • View11 - zoom modelspace objects on your monitor to physical 1:1 size in mm
  • SELBLK - select all blocks of the same name as the picked block or by wildcards
  • COPY2LAY - copies selected objects to all specified layouts
  • LOMAN - layout manager - quickly switch between layouts, sort layouts
  • CsvLayers - create/import layers from a list in a CSV/Excel file - see sample
  • CopyViews - imports named views from another drawing
  • DOBT - set draworder by object type and by layer
  • FieldLink - draw temporary lines connecting fields and their source objects, incl. tables
  • LinCatalog - draws a catalog of complex linetypes defined in a .LIN file or in the DWG
  • Normals (and FlipFace) - draw or flip normals of 3DFaces or recolor 3DFaces facing towards/away from the camera
  • History - display (animate) the order the drawing entities were created
  • TxtOverlap - find, mark and traverse overlapped texts in the drawing
  • Click2OO - copy coordinates of clicked points to OpenOffice/StarOffice Calc
  • Scatter - move/rotate selected objects randomly in 2D or 3D or curves - orchard, parking, crowd...
  • DrGrid - draw 2D or 3D grid lines, opt.numbered
  • RRename - rename layouts, blocks, layers or linetypes using regular expressions
  • Txt2Face - converts TTF texts to faces/meshes
  • IncText - renumber existing AutoCAD texts with incrementing numbers (counter)
  • InsertX - insert a block stored in another DWG drawing
  • Xls2Curve/Curve2Xls - draws curves or points from coordinates in Excel sheets, exports curve coordinates to Excel
  • MineSweeper3D - free minesweeper game for Autodesk Inventor 32/64-bit
  • Export3Dsketch - exports coordinates of an Inventor 3D sketch into a CSV file
  • CADstudio Revit Tools (trial) - bonus productivity tools for Revit Architecture a Revit MEP (2015-2013)
  • CADstudio Civil Tools (trial) - bonus productivity tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D (2015-2013)
  • ExcelLink 2014 (trial) - hot-links AutoCAD 2014 block attributes to Excel (see also DwgText)
  • DwgText (trial) - links any DWG-drawing text with Excel (export/import)
  • VRMLout 2015 (trial) - VRML2/97 export for AutoCAD 2015 (and older)
  • CITin 2015 - .CIT raster file support for AutoCAD 2015/2014 or Map/Civil 3D or AutoCAD LT
  • GeoRefImg - georeferencing for AutoCAD and ADT - automatic repositioning of raster images (with world files)
  • SureSave reactor - always automatically save a copy of edited DWG (even on Close/Save:No) and on AutoSave
  • Job-Time - time-tracking reactor - net editing time spent on DWG drawings (edittime)
  • DWGOsign - automatically add signature (author) to any changed DWG object
  • TRANS - easy translation of AutoCAD drawing texts - either manual, Trados-assisted or automatic via Bing Translator
  • SplitArea - subdivision of a closed area (parcel with an arbitrary shape) to multiple lots by acreage
  • 3DPlot - generate AutoCAD 3D surfaces with parametric math functions - Z=F(X,Y)
  • 2DPlot - generate AutoCAD 2D curves with parametric math functions - XY=F(U)
  • DBXscanSHX/DBXscanMech/DBXscanInv/DBXscanFus - scans folders for DWG files containing references to SHX files; or for Mechanical objects; or for Inventor DWG-drawings; or for Fusion 360 drawings

These and other similar CAD tools and utilities are available free from
(see also

See CAD models as 3D anaglyphs

If you use a graphics card nVidia Quadro (or other graphics card supporting stereoscopic display) in your computer, you can three-dimensionally view your 3D CAD models stored in the Autodesk 360 cloud. There is no need to pre-process the CAD models nor to install any special viewing software, a standard web viewing functionality of the cloud is used. The models are displayed stereoscopically, with any 3D viewing technology supported by your graphics card.

Read more on Stereoscopic viewing of 3D models in Autodesk 360 cloud

Autodesk 360 cloud

Designers and engineers increasingly collaborate in extended teams on complex projects involving different disciplines - so they need to access current project data anytime, anywhere, on any device. A key aspect is the need to keep track of all changes and activities around the project, in one place. One of important requirements is also the availability of CAD data for non-technical users, or transfer of performance-intensive tasks to the cloud. All these benefits are offered in the cloud service Autodesk 360. What is the nearest future of Autodesk 360? This web application becomes a broad platform integrating various web services by Autodesk, enabling feature-rich online collaboration, creation and management of CAD data.

More information on The Autodesk 360 cloud - what's next?

Latest CAD Downloads

The latest CAD utilities, viewers, object enablers, extensions, system libraries, patches and updates are available for download on

Read the latest information from in "Google Currents" - anywhere, on your mobile device - go to the Currents channel.

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