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CAD News - issue #2

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CADforum News #2 - CAD bulletin by XANADU

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You can also read this bulletin online at is a popular web portal for professional users of CAD software, students and enthusiasts. This web site is available in Czech, English and German. CADforum offers lots of free web services, including discussion forum, database of CAD tips and tricks, CAD blocks library, CAD utilities and videos.

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New CAD tips and tricks

There are already 1915 CAD tips listed in the CADforum database of tips and tricks for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, 3ds Max and other CAD software. Some of the most popular latest CAD tips on

(see )

New CAD blocks and symbols

You can exchange 2D and 3D CAD blocks and symbols with other users in the CADforum Block library. This catalog currently contains 6150 blocks, models, symbols and drawings in te DWG, RFA and IPT files formats. Here are the latest most popular blocks uploaded by people like you:

navrh schodiste
DWG, Stair dynamic ...
DWG, detail -10
General Symbols
DWG, General Symbols
DWG, detail -16
DWG, detail -8

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New CAD tools

We offer many of our utilities as free or shareware CAD tools for download. Recently released or updated CAD utilities:

  • CITin 2011 adds .CIT raster file format support for AutoCAD 2011 or Map/Civil 3D 2011 or LT 2011. CIT is an Intergraph raster image file format.
  • LTfly is a useful tool for linetypes - it automatically generates AutoCAD complex linetypes (with embedded text) on the fly. Just enter the desired text string.
  • Tab2XLS this command copies a selected AutoCAD TABLE to Excel with a single click. It can save the table either to CSV or tab delimited TXT.
  • srxTEXT performs commandline search and replace on AutoCAD drawing texts using regular expressions, supports batch scripts, table replacements (Excel text pairs).
  • fAREA creates a dynamic area label (acreage of the selected object), or length label (perimeter, fLENGTH), or property label (fPROP) for selected AutoCAD objects - it automates the FIELD command.

These and other similar CAD tools and utilities are available free from
(see also

Autodesk Neon - cloud rendering

Autodesk Neon is a new free web-cloud service - a perfect example of cloud computing. You just upload your DWG file with a completed 3D scene (you can also eTransmit a full ZIP package) and Neon uses the "unlimited" computing power of cloud computers to render a photorealistic visualization of your scene in the requested resolution and quality.

Definitely try it at

LCD fonts for your CAD designs

Some designs (device panels, architectural clocks, medical equipment) require text written in a LCD-stylized font. If you need such fonts, you can choose from several free "LCD" TrueType fonts available on our Download page -

Latest CAD Downloads

The latest CAD utilities, viewers, object enablers, extensions, system libraries, patches and updates are available for download on

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