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CAD News - issue #3

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CADforum News #3 - CAD bulletin by XANADU

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New CAD tips and tricks

There are already 1932 CAD tips listed in the CADforum database of tips and tricks for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, 3ds Max and other CAD software. Some of the most popular latest CAD tips on

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New CAD blocks and symbols

You can exchange 2D and 3D CAD blocks and symbols with other users in the CADforum Block library. This catalog currently contains 6340 blocks, models, symbols and drawings in te DWG, RFA and IPT files formats. Here are the latest most popular blocks uploaded by people like you:

General Symbols
DWG, General Symbols
DWG, Sunshade
DWG, Pressleistensystem
DWG, Assembly of bolts ...
DWG, arabesque

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New CAD tools

We offer many of our utilities as free or shareware CAD tools for download. Recently released or updated CAD utilities:

  • VerticesBlk is a LISP tool which inserts a specified block at each line or polyline vertex. Now it supports also 3D polylines.
  • Depends lists all file dependencies in the current DWG. You will get the names and true paths of all xrefs, images, fonts, data links, underlays, etc.

These and other similar CAD tools and utilities are available free from
(see also

AutoCAD returns to the Mac

Autodesk has announced the new AutoCAD for Mac - a native 64-bit version of AutoCAD 2011 running on Apple MacOS X.

AutoCAD for Mac already existed in the past. In the year 1992, AutoCAD R12 was released also in the version for Unix and Mac. After 18 years and after 18 months of rewriting the program code, AutoCAD now returns to the Mac.

An even more interesting complement to AutoCAD for Mac is the new mobile application AutoCAD WS. This mobile version of AutoCAD can process AutoCAD DWG drawings on mobile devices like iPad, or even iPhone and iPad Touch. AutoCAD WS uses the web cloud technology Autodesk Butterfly - the power-hungry parts of this application run on Autodesk's cloud servers.

Autodesk PhotoFly - from photos to 3D models

PhotoFly is a web-cloud, Image-to-Model computation service from Autodesk Labs. It is another good example of complex computations performed as "black magic" somewhere in the cloud. You just upload a series of photos of a real-world object and PhotoFly gives you a 3D point cloud of this object. You can load it into AutoCAD and use it to remodel the 3D object. You can use AutoCAD editing functions, or tools like the Shape Extractor (another goodie from Autodesk Labs).

Try yourself at

Latest CAD Downloads

The latest CAD utilities, viewers, object enablers, extensions, system libraries, patches and updates are available for download on

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