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CAD News - issue #7

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CADforum News #7 - bulletin by CAD Studio

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Some readers got the old contents of the News #5 in the previous News #6 posting.
We apologize for this inconvenience, you can read the #6 issue online. is a popular web portal for professional users of CAD software, students and enthusiasts. This web site is available in Czech, English and German. CADforum offers lots of free web services, including discussion forum, database of CAD tips and tricks, CAD blocks library, CAD utilities and videos.
This "CAD News" bulletin informs you about the latest additions and new features on and about other news in the CAD industry.

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New CAD tips and tricks

There are already 2077 CAD tips listed in the CADforum database of tips and tricks for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, 3ds Max and other CAD software. Some of the most popular latest CAD tips on

(see )

New CAD blocks and symbols

You can exchange 2D and 3D CAD blocks and symbols with other users in the CADforum Block library. This catalog currently contains 7374 blocks, models, symbols and drawings in the DWG, RFA and IPT file formats. Here are the latest most popular blocks uploaded by people like you:

My friend home
DWG, My friend home - ...
DWG, Mountain bicycle
Electrical symbols lib
DWG, Electrical symbols lib
dynamic blocks
DWG, Various dyn.blocks
Dvojlozko 126 x 200
DWG, Double bed, wooden

(see all blocks )

New CAD and GIS tools

We offer many of our utilities as free or shareware CAD tools for download. Recently released or updated CAD utilities:

  • DWGsync - synchronized co-viewing of multiple DWGs in AutoCAD
  • ACADtweet - Twitter for AutoCAD - send and read tweets (statuses) directly from AutoCAD command line
  • ImgConvert - embed attached images into DWG, generate QR Codes and other raster tools for AutoCAD
  • CITin 2012 - .CIT raster file support for AutoCAD 2012 or Map/Civil 3D 2012 or LT 2012 (32/64-bit)
  • TURBO - toggle - switch AutoCAD to faster mode by setting all relevant variables
  • SelHatch0 - selects all damaged hatches with null areas
  • EXCELLINK 2012 - hot-links AutoCAD 2012 block attributes (and geometry) to Excel sheets
  • GeoRefImg - georeferencing for AutoCAD - automatic repositioning of raster images (with georeference world files)
  • DimMask - adds text mask with specified color and offset to selected dimensions

STL2DWG - our online conversion tool has successfully converted already more than 3.000 STL models to AutoCAD

These and other similar CAD tools and utilities are available free from
(see also

From photos to 3D model - Autodesk Project Photofly 2.0

Autodesk Photofly 2.0 is a new free cloud application with great potential - and not only for CAD. It takes a series of photos and automatically generates a 3D model from these photos. Although the Photofly version 1.x is already available for about a year, only since the new version 2.0 it has features that make it easy to use and generates directly usable CAD models (textured 3D meshes, not only point clouds). The models can be read into CAD applications or presented on mobile devices.

Read about testing Photofly on a historical fountain in the oldtown of Ceske Budejovice - see our Budweiser blog post and look at the resulting 3D models.

More about Photofly at

Autodesk 123D - a free "maker" CAD software

Autodesk has released a new software for do-it-yourself users and makers, "123D" (one-two-three-dee). It is a great tool to design 3D models and have them physically manufactured in many interesting ways. Not only through 3D printing.

123D is based on Autodesk Inventor Fusion and uses a similar user interface. It can read in many 3D CAD formats and export them to DWG, so 123D can be also used as a CAD file converter.

Download your free copy of 123D at

Ellen Finkelstein - the expert for AutoCAD and Powerpoint is a website that contains over 200 AutoCAD tips, tutorials, and techniques. Ellen Finkelstein is well-known as the author of the AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Bible. Her site has been around since 1999. You can register for new AutoCAD Tips Newsletter and get a free exercise on dynamic blocks from her book. For the complete list of tips, go to

A couple of useful tips from Ellen:

Latest CAD Downloads

The latest CAD utilities, viewers, object enablers, extensions, system libraries, patches and updates are available for download on

And now for something completely different:

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