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Autodesk - free
Tools (standalone, Autodesk)
Go to file AutoCAD Web app V9.14.0 - DWG editor/viewer in web browser, incl. LISP (EN/DE/FR/CZ...) External 5MB 10.9.2023
More information  
Patches + updates
Map, Civil 3D, Raster, InfraWorks, Vehicle
Go to file Fix for ACAD.PGP problem in Map 2000 CZ 5.1.2000    
Plant 3D, P&ID
Go to file DIN EN content pack for Plant 3D 2012 (PN002, PN006, PN010N, PN016, PN025, PN040, PN063, PN100, PN160, PN250, PN320, PN400) External 5MB 18.11.2011    
Go to file Pharmaceutical, food and beverage Content Pack for Plant 3D 2013 (ASME BPE, ALFA LAVAL, SWAGELOK) External 974kB 5.8.2012 More information  
Go to file CZ prostředí (lokalizace) pro Bubble 2 a 2.1 - viz (Geralt) 148kB 3.6.2003    
Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware & trials)
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Go to file GETCNAME - displays an AutoCAD command name in English, German, Czech, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian (VLX/LSP) 1820 18.8.2023 Description  
Other Goodies
Go to file ACAD.SXP definition file for StrokeIt - gesture control for AutoCAD and other applications (see CAD Forum Tips for more information) 588 9.5.2003    
Go to file ACAD.SXP definition file for StrokeIt - gesture control for AutoCAD and other applications by J.Remeš (see CAD Forum Tips for more information) 241.9kB 21.6.2005    
Go to file GEOCAD.SHX - SHX font for AutoCAD (uppercase, label-script) 7kB 5.8.2014    
Go to file ISO-LIN - metrické typy čar ISO/ČSN 1:1 pro AutoCAD a LT, komplexní typy čar dle ČSN 01 3411 - linetype library .LIN (Ivo Klepárník) 912kB 21.10.2016    
Go to file KWiKViews - switch Inventor 3D views quickly - for Inventor 6/7 (by Kent Keller) External 436kB 10.6.2003 More information  
Go to file Lynn Allen: Tipy & Triky pro AutoCAD 2012 (PDF příručka, anglicky) External 4.4MB 11.5.2011    

How to load a LISP application (.LSP/.VLX) into AutoCAD? See the Tip 7245.

Many other files also on Arkance Systems Helpdesk, CAD blocks in the Block catalog.