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Autodesk - free
Object Enablers
Go to file AutoCAD MEP 2008 Object Enabler for AutoCAD LT 2008 External 13.3MB 4.7.2007    
Patches + updates
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Go to file PlotStamp - date/name stamps for AutoCAD 2000 External 40kB    
Go to file PrintW - print PLT file directly by double-click (EXE) (J.Brom) 89kB 17.9.2002    
Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware & trials)
Other Goodies
Go to file CADstudio-PLT-test - sample HPGL2 file to test plot on HP Designjet plotters (COPY /B) 4913 6.5.2010    
Go to file Govertīs Drop & Print - simply drop your .PLT file to your printer/plotter to print it (simple GoPlot) External 198kB 1.2.2007    
Go to file Govertīs GoPlot Classic - plot your .PLT files (joblists, copies, etc.) External 256kB 18.6.2008    
Go to file Govertīs GoPlot Plus - plot your .PLT files (joblists, copies, spoolname, multiroll, job banners, Oce/RCF support, PJL, etc.) External 351kB 13.7.2012    
Additional files (Microsoft+HP)
Go to file HP Instant Printing utility, V3.6 - print, rotate any PLT/PDF file on HP Designjet External 30MB 9.8.2013    
Go to file HP Universal Print Driver HP-GL/2 and HP RTL (UPD-plotter, V61.152) for Windows Win7/Win8/Win10 External 5MB 8.2.2016    

How to load a LISP application (.LSP/.VLX) into AutoCAD? See the Tip 7245.

Many other files also on Arkance Systems Helpdesk, CAD blocks in the Block catalog.