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Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware & trials)
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Go to file AreaTab - insert picked parcel numbers and their areas into table rows (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 17kB 20.9.2018
More information  
Go to file DynReset - restores missing grips on dynamic blocks (VLX for AutoCAD) 8683 1.12.2008
Go to file ExplodeM - explode "unexplodable" MINSERT blocks, removes pseudo-protection of DWG drawings (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 13kB 18.5.2009
Go to file InsertBlks - insert all DWG files in a folder as blocks (LSP for AutoCAD) 1434 24.4.2014    
Go to file InsertC + BlockC - insert new (or renumber existing) blocks with incrementing numbers in attributes (incremental numbering, counter) 15kB 22.10.2020
Go to file InsertX - insert a block stored in another DWG drawing (VLX for AutoCAD) 16kB 13.10.2014
Go to file RotX - rotates selected objects relatively around individual insertion points (LSP by Martin Bielina) 1149 9.4.2009    
Go to file SumaPloch - summarizes areas of selected objects, adds area label (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 12kB 1.10.2010
Go to file VerticesBlk, EndBlk - insert block at each line or polyline vertex (also 3D; and optionally in arc midpoints, or only in endpoints) 16kB 16.7.2018
Go to file VirtualParts - insert virtual parts from Excel into Inventor assemblies (iLogic) 8.6kB 14.12.2015 More information  
Other Goodies
Go to file RASTER.DWT - a template file allowing to insert raster images into AutoCAD LT (see 28kB 13.12.1999    

How to load a LISP application (.LSP/.VLX) into AutoCAD? See the Tip 7245.

Many other files also on CAD Studio Helpdesk, CAD blocks in the Block catalog.