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Map, Civil 3D, Raster, InfraWorks, Vehicle
Go to file Surface Creation Extension for AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 (subscription only) - terrain models, surfaces, GeoTIFF in Map 2010 External 6MB 29.5.2009    
Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware & trials)
CAD Studio Shareware (trial)
Go to file DirectX export for AutoCAD 2007 and ADT, create .X files (V2.0, trial) 388kB 6.9.2006 More information Buy
Go to file DirectX export for AutoCAD 2010, create .X files (V3.0, 32/64-bit, trial) 596kB 15.7.2009 More information Buy
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Go to file BLegend - creates a visual table (legend) of blocks and dyn.blocks used in the drawing (VLX for AutoCAD) 29784 17.4.2019
Go to file BufZone - create Buffer or Wipeout zones around line objects (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 19kB 4.3.2020
More information  
Go to file CAMLINE.LSP - creates a 3D view vector between source and target points of a given AutoCAD camera 466 27.2.2007    
Go to file CsvLayers - create/import layers from a list in a CSV/Excel file - see sample 14kB 14.8.2021
Go to file DBXscanFus - scans folders for DWG files created in Fusion 360 - generates a report (VLX/DBX) 12kB 15.7.2014
More information  
Go to file DBXscanRevit - scans folders for DWG files created in Revit - generates a report (VLX/DBX) 13kB 30.6.2017
More information  
Go to file DXEdel - delete references to .DXE files created by the DATAEXTRACTION command (VLX for AutoCAD) 11kB 15.2.2021
Go to file fAREA - creates a dynamic area label (acreage of the selected object/s), or length label (perimeter, fLENGTH), or property label (fPROP) - VLX LISP for AutoCAD 16kB 20.2.2021
Go to file fVolume - creates a dynamic volume label (volume of the selected 3D object) 2120 6.5.2021    
Go to file History - display (animate) the order the drawing entities were created (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 22.8.2013
Go to file LogBook (V0.9, beta) - creates log file with all changes in a DWG drawing (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 30kB 15.12.2014    
Go to file MakeMore (Kent Cooper) - create similar drawing object as the selected one (LSP for AutoCAD) 31kB 16.5.2016    
Go to file Mesh2Pt - creates 3D points in every vertex of a 3D mesh, polymesh or surface (LISP for AutoCAD) 1112 18.11.2009    
Go to file NumTab creates an automatic table with number-sequence and dynamic recalculation (A2006) 11kB 17.11.2008
Go to file OpenDwgContextMenuBuilder - creates Explorer DWG context menu for choosing AutoCAD version to open the DWG (CS+ bonus) External 423kB 13.4.2016    
Go to file PageOf - creates a field with "Page N of M" layout counter (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 14kB 7.2.2020
More information  
Go to file Spring - create 3D spring solids, helical objects (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 7kB 13.4.2019    
Go to file TMaskXP - create semitransparent MText mask (LSP for AutoCAD) 499 24.10.2019    
Go to file TraceCurve - creates traced points/blocks (stations) in given distances along a curve (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 17kB 21.11.2017
Go to file SurfacePoints - create points on surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D (VLX for Civil) 11.9kB 3.4.2020
Go to file CreateInterference - builds interference solid of colliding parts in an Inventor assembly (VBA macro) 43520 29.11.2011    
Go to file RollerChain - creates 3D roller chain models in Inventor (by Lian Xie) 49kB 8.7.2008    

How to load a LISP application (.LSP/.VLX) into AutoCAD? See the Tip 7245.

Many other files also on Arkance Systems Helpdesk, CAD blocks in the Block catalog.