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Patches + updates
Go to file VXL - fix for offsetting polylines on large coordinates (AutoCAD 2000/2000i) 745B 19.5.2003    
Go to file MVSETUP.LSP - fixed version for AutoCAD 2005/2006/2007 CZ (opravený MPNASTAV) 184kB 18.3.2007    
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Go to file BScale - enhanced AutoCAD Express Tool - incl. reference scales (XYZ) 18kB 3.6.2018    
Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware & trials)
Go to file Battle Ship game for AutoCAD (hra Lodě) by J.P.Sanders 63kB 6.7.2004    
Go to file MAZE - maze generator in VisualLISP, CLISP mod, orig. by J.Wingbermühle (LSP for AutoCAD) 4909 9.6.2018    
Go to file Mine Sweeper game for AutoCAD (miny) by J.P.Sanders 31kB 5.7.2004    
Go to file RotBy - rotate blocks by the rotation of an existing block (LSP for AutoCAD) 864 28.8.2018    
Go to file Rubix/K4kube - playable Rubik's cube in AutoLISP (by K4 CAD Solutions) 49kB 28.8.2021 More information  
Go to file Snake game in Visual LISP (two snake-games in .LSP for AutoCAD) 41kB 28.2.2021 More information  
Go to file TROY - Asteroids LISP game (ver.5 - faster) by Terry Miller 70kB 5.1.2007    
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Go to file 3DF2L - converts 3DFaces to Lines/Plines (LISP for AutoCAD) 2530B 17.8.2021    
Go to file 3DStretch - interactive stretching of objects' faces (LSP for AutoCAD) 1kB 8.1.2017    
Go to file AddMe - sums values of numbers in all selected drawing texts (LSP for AutoCAD) 314 18.11.2017    
Go to file AllAnno - set annotation scale settings (variables) for all layouts (LSP for AutoCAD) 585 24.6.2009    
Go to file AllLOT - set plot transparency for all layouts in a DWG (LISP for AutoCAD) 904 10.9.2017    
Go to file ASCPOINT.LSP - imports a coordinate text file into AutoCAD points, polylines or block copies (T.Tanzillo+CADstudio) 12kB 21.1.2020    
Go to file Att2Txt - converts attributes (AttDef) to plain texts (Text) in an AutoCAD drawing (LISP) 654 26.11.2008    
Go to file BANA - make all block attributes non-annotative (LISP for AutoCAD) 1292 29.11.2017    
Go to file BCount - count blocks, enhanced Express Tool command with dynamic blocks support (LSP for AutoCAD) 3876 23.4.2012    
Go to file Blikej - blinks the layer of the selected entity 740 15.12.2009    
Go to file BLKREDEF.LSP - redefines a drawing block with an updated version from a DWG file (can be batch scripted) 1722 23.6.2017    
Go to file BRename - rename selected block (LSP for AutoCAD) 1326 25.5.2020    
Go to file CAMLINE.LSP - creates a 3D view vector between source and target points of a given AutoCAD camera 466 27.2.2007    
Go to file CenOf - get center point (XYZ) of selected objects (LSP for AutoCAD) 2147 21.10.2019    
Go to file CenRect - draw rectangle from center (LSP for AutoCAD) 823 31.7.2015    
Go to file CMDtimer - timing/benchmarking reactor - reports execution time of any AutoCAD command (LISP) 1138 4.1.2019    
Go to file COG3D - display center of gravity for 3D solids and regions (těžiště, AutoCAD LSP) 906 16.7.2008    
Go to file CopyBase independent on UCS (copy/paste for AutoCAD) 761 23.1.2012    
Go to file COT - Convert old table - converts lines, texts and blocks to AutoCAD TABLE objects (by J.Villarreal) 30kB 29.12.2020
More information  
Go to file CurveText - draw text along a curve (arc, circle, polyline...), AutoCAD LSP by A.Gumula 14.3kB 5.7.2006 Description  
Go to file CWipeout - circular wipeout (LSP for AutoCAD) 545 31.8.2016    
Go to file DelGrpA - delete anonymous groups (*A####) from AutoCAD drawing (LSP) 383 6.7.2013    
Go to file DelInLo - delete selected objects in all layouts (LSP for AutoCAD) 386 16.4.2019    
Go to file DelPageSetup - deletes named page setup(s) in a DWG (LSP for AutoCAD) 600 20.4.2008    
Go to file DELSHAPE - purge unavailable shapes (SHX files) from an AutoCAD DWG drawing 1254 12.12.2007    
Go to file DimExp - export dimension values to CSV/Excel (LSP for AutoCAD) 820 24.3.2018    
Go to file DimFixT - quick 1-click/2-clicks dimensioning (LSP LISP for AutoCAD) 905 18.12.2019 More information  
Go to file DIST2 - cumulative DIST command (LSP for AutoCAD) 499 15.4.2008    
Go to file EditCustomProperties - change order and edit DWG properties (LSP, by kruuger) 27kB 12.11.2020    
Go to file evalVBS - evaluate VBScript functions from AutoLISP (LSP for AutoCAD) 1470 12.6.2016    
Go to file FaceArea - total surface area of selected 3DFACEs (LSP for AutoCAD) 1016 10.12.2013    
Go to file FilterLL - filter LINEs by length (LSP for AutoCAD) 701 16.11.2010    
Go to file FixDimensions - fixes upside-down texts in dimensions (by J.Burke) 744 11.7.2008    
Go to file FixOffGrid - "rounds" drawing entities to a given grid (e.g. 1.0*1.0) (LSP utility by Joe Burke) 15.4kB 7.5.2008    
Go to file FlipFace - flip selected 3DFaces (reverse normals) - LSP for AutoCAD 1501 26.6.2021    
Go to file Gatte - edit block attributes, even "XXX_YYY" (a modified Express Tool) 7542 12.12.2012    
Go to file GetAng - return picked angle on any angle prompt (LSP for AutoCAD) 589 26.1.2014    
Go to file gStretch - pseudo grip-stretch, fixes grip-edit/osnap problem in AutoCAD 2011 585 12.11.2010    
Go to file HelixAlongPath.lsp - helix along a 3D path (by G.P.Cattaneo) 7.8kB 12.6.2019    
Go to file CheckLarge - simple check for too large coordinates in AutoCAD DWGs (LISP) 872 14.10.2020    
Go to file CHELEV.LSP - sets contour elevations (LISP for AutoCAD and Civil 3D) (N.Menu) 1kB 10.10.2007    
Go to file ImgEdit - edit raster image by double-clicking (LSP for AutoCAD) 792 22.1.2019 More information  
Go to file InsertBlks - insert all DWG files in a folder as blocks (LSP for AutoCAD) 1434 24.4.2014    
Go to file INTLINES - draws points in all intersections of selected objects, lines, incl. self-intersections (cdnc5-02.LSP by B.Kramer) 4749 10.1.2014    
Go to file KLOT - Clothoide curve - arc to line (LSP for AutoCAD) 3231 16.2.2014    
Go to file KopirujText.LSP - copy text content from source to target text entities (Pajas+Hadraba) 2kB 14.9.2012    
Go to file LabelArcs - label all selected arcs with radius and arclength (LSP for AutoCAD) 1515 23.9.2019    
Go to file Lay2TC - convert layer ACI colors to truecolors (LSP for AutoCAD) 940 8.2.2017
Go to file LinExp - explode linetypes, both dashed and complex (modified TxtExp Express Tool) 10kB 21.7.2009    
Go to file ListLinks - list all hyperlinks in the current drawing (LSP for AutoCAD) 703 26.8.2009    
Go to file LLtype - change linetype of "bylayer" objects to the linetype of their layer; opposite to SetByLayer (LSP for AutoCAD) 964 24.1.2012    
Go to file LockAllVp - locks all viewports in all layouts (LISP for AutoCAD) 669 12.11.2010
Go to file MakeMore (Kent Cooper) - create similar drawing object as the selected one (LSP for AutoCAD) 31kB 16.5.2016    
Go to file MatchSel (reverse MatchProp) - select an entity and set current its color, layer, ltype - for new entities (LISP for AutoCAD) 725 13.1.2009    
Go to file MEASURE2 - performs the MEASURE command from both ends to the middle of a curve (.LSP for AutoCAD) 1kB 25.7.2007    
Go to file Mesh2Pt - creates 3D points in every vertex of a 3D mesh, polymesh or surface (LISP for AutoCAD) 1112 18.11.2009    
Go to file MillAnim - animate 3D milling on AutoCAD solids (LSP for AutoCAD) 1460 1.9.2020 More information  
Go to file NCOPY0 - a modified Express Tool - make a copy of a selected nested entity from a block or xref 2983 15.12.2009    
Go to file OverDimCol (ODC) - highlight dimensions with overridden text (LISP for AutoCAD) 654 8.12.2008    
Go to file Platonic polyhedra (3D) - tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron (LSP for AutoCAD, by Takaya Iwamoto) 10782 17.9.2014 More information  
Go to file Platonic polyhedra unfolding: TET, HEX, OCT, DOD, ICO (LSP for AutoCAD, by Tim Urbaniak) 5486 17.9.2014    
Go to file PLDiet (PLD) - simplify LWpolylines, reduce number of vertices, weed (by B.Hailey, CAB, K.Cooper; LSP for AutoCAD) 9825 3.9.2018    
Go to file PLV - polyline vertices select - use 'PLV to specify a mask by picking (LISP for AutoCAD) 544 8.1.2010    
Go to file POLYVERT - list coordinates of polyline vertices (LSP for AutoCAD) 1321 7.6.2018    
Go to file PropByLayer (former LColor) - change "bylayer" properties of selected objects to the color, linetype, lineweight and transparency of their layer; opposite to SetByLayer (LSP for AutoCAD) 2082 21.6.2019 More information  
Go to file PSfixTxt - prefix or suffix selected drawing texts (LSP for AutoCAD) 557 27.6.2011    
Go to file RenameLOA reactor - auto-rename layouts by title block attributes (LSP for AutoCAD) 3031 9.1.2019 More information  
Go to file ReTemplate - apply a changed template drawing to your DWG file (LSP for AutoCAD) 1535 2.8.2018 More information  
Go to file RotA - rotate objects around their individual ref. points (LSP for AutoCAD) 560 27.6.2014    
Go to file RotAtt0 - align all block attributes back to "byBlock" (LSP for AutoCAD) 625 12.12.2017    
Go to file RotX - rotates selected objects relatively around individual insertion points (LSP by Martin Bielina) 1149 9.4.2009    
Go to file RvrsLine - reverse direction of LINEs and POLYLINEs (LSP for AutoCAD) 3567 16.3.2008    
Go to file ScaleListDel - deletes excessive annotation scales pulled in from Xrefs (ACAD2008) (by S.Johnson) 16874 18.9.2007    
Go to file SELBLK.LSP - select all blocks of the same name as the picked block or by wildcards 1310 2.9.2012    
Go to file SelByAnnoScale - select objects by their assigned annotation scales (LSP for AutoCAD) 1156 12.12.2017    
Go to file SELLAY.LSP - select all entities in the same layer(s) as the picked entity 956 2.10.2009    
Go to file SelSim - select similar objects (type+layer), across layouts (LSP for AutoCAD, by A.Wuellner, M.Perry) 1476 22.9.2014    
Go to file Sizer - set window size for AutoCAD drawing document (LISP) 998 20.1.2010    
Go to file SSX - modified Express Tool "SSX" - select objects across layouts, incl.texts, copy to Express folder (LSP for AutoCAD) 8860 8.4.2019    
Go to file Syn - synchronize block attributes, keep selected properties (V1.41c, by Patrick_35) 12kB 20.2.2019    
Go to file TCount - modified incremental text counter for Express Tools, no spacing parameter (LSP for AutoCAD, load after ET) 8713 6.9.2018    
Go to file Text2Elev.LSP - move text entities to the elevation (Z) corresponding to their text string 1592 17.7.2006 More information  
Go to file TextHalo - add a color/bkg halo to selected texts (halotext, LSP for AutoCAD) 12kB 12.12.2018    
Go to file TMaskOn/TMaskOff - switch MText masks on or off globally (LSP for AutoCAD) 1172 25.1.2011    
Go to file TMaskXP - create semitransparent MText mask (LSP for AutoCAD) 499 24.10.2019    
Go to file TotalLayouts reactor for "Page X of Y" fields (LSP for AutoCAD) 264 15.11.2016 More information  
Go to file TrimOuter - trim drawing objects outside a boundary/rectangle (LSP for AutoCAD) 1478 11.9.2017    
Go to file TwittControl - uses ACADtweet to submit AutoCAD commands remotely via your Twitter channel (AutoLISP) 2459 4.12.2011 More information  
Go to file UCSauto reactor - always keeps UCS parallel to the current View-plane (LSP for AutoCAD) 1866 4.4.2018    
Go to file UnDynamic - convert dynamic blocks to static, by MP Seagull (LSP for AutoCAD) 5271 11.12.2017    
Go to file Unformat - strip formatting control codes in MTexts, Dimensions, MLeaders and Tables (LSP for AutoCAD) 4374 26.9.2018    
Go to file UniScale - change the "Scale uniformly" flag on/off for all blocks (LSP for AutoCAD) 581 25.4.2014    
Go to file UnMask - remove background mask fill from Texts, Leaders and Dimensions (LSP for AutoCAD) 683 16.4.2018    
Go to file Views0 - preset 3D views on NumPad keys (LSP for AutoCAD) 533 12.12.2017    
Go to file VojPer.LSP - vojenská perspektiva (military projection) - 3D proj. pro AutoCAD 2796 21.9.2007    
Go to file VPFL command - freeze VP layer by picking an object (LSP) 452 12.9.2007    
Go to file VSauto reactor - automatically switch visual style for ortho/3D views (LSP for AutoCAD) 1783 20.1.2018    
Go to file VTXdist - add polyline vertices in intervals (divide/measure), VLX Lisp for AutoCAD 1268 8.11.2014    
Go to file WPS - select objects inside a picked polyline or circle (LISP, AutoCAD) 1142 8.6.2015    
Go to file SurfaceElevation - import/export nastavení analýzy modelu (hypsometrie) pro Civil3D 2010/2009 (CZ) 9731 11.11.2009    
Other Goodies
Go to file Barcode LISP utility - draws barcode as AutoCAD entities 3.8kB 2.8.1999    
Go to file BB - hromadné nastavení vlastností entit ve stávajících blocích (např. změna barvy či typu čar na DleHlad/DleBlok), B.LSP, P.Štyl 28kB 27.3.2011    
Go to file CALENDAR - draws a calendar in AutoCAD (.LSP) 6kB 1.2.1998    
Go to file DIMARC command (DIMARC.LSP) - dimensions an arc (length, not angle) 670B 28.5.2005    
Go to file SPIRAL and 3DSPIRAL and SOL_SPRING commands - drawing spirals and springs in 2D and 3D (spiral.lsp, sol_spring.lsp) 3.6kB 26.1.2004    
Go to file T2M.LSP - convert individual Text/DText objects to individual MTexts 848 8.10.2004    

How to load a LISP application (.LSP/.VLX) into AutoCAD? See the Tip 7245.

Many other files also on CAD Studio Helpdesk, CAD blocks in the Block catalog.